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''The Avengers: Age of Ultron'' poster

Here's my poster for "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" movie coming 2015. I can confidently say that this is my most complex work so far.
I tried to imitate that kind of drawn look some of 'the Avengers' posters have. Also, there's been tons of work on turning characters' old suits into the new ones. So I was pretty busy (some of them were even missing parts of their bodies I had to add :faint:).
Though I didn't change Thor's costume for some reason. Stay tuned for a cleaner version of this poster and a wallpaper!

As always, hope you like it!=D

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Wow, that looks fantastic!
awesome!!! can I reshare this to google+ to let them see your work! I would love to. <3
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Hi, this is an amazing piece, i would just like to ask could i use this as "photo" reference for a comic blank variant cover? Only I've been struggling to find a way to fit all of the characters into one setup and this is exactly what i have been looking for. The cover would be for non-profit purposes of course. I genuinely think that your work is amazing and don't worry i would definitely make sure you are credited in whatever way you require, thanks. Brad
hey, can i use this artwork for a project im doing at school?
i'll definitely credit it :)

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Yep, definitely:)
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If you can get a better image of Hulk & Black Widow looking up it would really bring this piece together more. Their perspective seems to be off a bit, but other than that nice work.
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Thank you. I've had hard times looking for right images of these two. This is the best I could find. 
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Holy!!!! super awesome dude, i really love it!! you did great with quicksilver suit cool !!
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Holy F Dude! Nice!
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I don't mean to be an idiot, but whos the dude right above Hawkeye and the lady next to Thor?
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It's Quicksilver. He is gonna be one of the new avengers. He's also in the post-credits scene from The Winter Soldier.
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Oh, ok. But whos the girl next to Thor?
{I'm new with MARVEL characters, sorry}
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Aaaaand that's Quicksilver's sister, Wanda aka Scarlett Witch. 
They're both children of Magneto in the comic books but I'm not an expert, too.
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ah, well I hope she looks like your design! I don't like Scarlet Witch's normal outfit, lol.
Thank you for telling me=D
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Woaw, this is amazing ! There is just Black Widow who looks weird (because of the perspective), but otherwise everything is damn awesome !
Great Work !
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Great work i really like it!!
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this is so sick ur good
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BW looks a bit off tough.
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