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TRON - the game has changed

It's a compilation of two "twin-posters" of TRON. (original movie and Tron: legacy).
Hope you like it! =)
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indeed, well done
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I love this so much ! Both Trons are some of my loves, so ... this is awesome.
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i don't like it...i LOVE it!!!! XD
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Woah, I really like this! Great job! It really brings home the fact that this is such a dangerous place, they have to go through the process of having their bodies transformed into light as they make the journey from one world to the other. Ahhh, I love science fiction! :D

I don't know why, but combining the two posters just really brings that out. :)

I'm actually doing a video slideshow tribute to Tron. Could I include this in it? It's very striking. :) I would have everyone listed in the comments, with a link back to the original art here on deviantart. It would be awesome if I could include this. :)
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Yes, of course. I'm always happy to show my artwork to others!
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Awesome! Thank you! I'll send a link your way when the video is up. :)
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Aaand the video's up! Here:

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You bet i like it !
It's so beautifuly done !
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epic just so epic
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this is so cool!!! one of my favorites! xD
Man, this is spectacular. I love the combination thing, you did it flawlessly. Nice job!
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and the game has changed
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pretty awesome as well.
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Very cool!

Great Job :)
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that is wicked clever!!!
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AWESOME JOB!!!! And I knew it!! Sam is doing THE EXACT SAME POSE!!
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Ooh, great concept!
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I love how this turned out! Great job on this! :)
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