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SW Episode VII - teaser 2


Episode VII:

teaser poster #2

The second teaser poster for the "Star Wars. Episode VII" features 'after-episode-VII scene' with the destroyed and fallen in the sea Empire Star Destroyer.
Two more teasers from me soon!

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belle image ! bon travail, félicitations !
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Nice work on the color grading. You definitely captured the cinema look to it.
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A star destroyer becomes a Navy destroyer. kinda.
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The nerd in me has to point out that the heavy turbo-lasers are to far forward on the bow for an Imperial-class stardestroyer (either class I or II), assuming it has not been modified. That's not the Errant Venture is it?  
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Dude, just a enjoy the fucking pic, jeez. We get it. You REALLY love Star Wars. But dont suck the magic out of it, with ur comment. Lore is important. But this is unofficial Fan service. Id like to see you doin this. 
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Very nice!
I like your Star Wars pieces.
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Thank you! I also think these are one of my best posters. I wish I had inspiration for some new ones
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I haven't had time to go through your entire gallery, but I think if you did one of the movie "The Rocketeer" you could get some inspiration from it?

I haven't seen that movie in years, but I mean to soon.
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Absolutely amazing!
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This looks perfect. Do you have a version that is not a poster?
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Thank you!
Nope, just the poster)
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This is officially the bestest. 
Manbro hath spoken. 
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Your posters have a great sense of mass and distance. Bravo!
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I run a Facebook page called Star Wars Fan Media, and I gotta tell ya, your posters have been going over huge! Is there any possibility I could get the background image?
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Almost looks legit to be a teaser poster! I'm cautiously optimistic about this movie... I guess we'll have to wait and see for an official teaser to how good it might look!

Nice job on it nonetheless!
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ABsolutely stunning work.
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круто!! Это просто восхитительно!
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