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SW Episode VII - teaser 1


Episode VII:

teaser poster #1

The first of four upcoming teaser posters for the awaited "Star Wars. Episode VII".
All posters are going to feature some after-episode-VI scenes.

On this one you can observe Millenium Falcon and some X-Wings [flying over Endor?] being damaged after the Battle of Endor.

Millenium Falcon model by :iconteonardo:

Hope you like it, and stay tuned to see all the next posters from me! =D

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War, war never changes...
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Hey man, well made fan poster. Also btw i see this millennium falcon  is actually my made ;)…
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Yes, you are right. Sorry for not crediting you.
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If u can credit me for the model, i would appreciate it a lot 😎
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The radar dish is different now. Due to it being broken off when they were leaving the Death Star.
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This is amazing. I get chills whenever I look at this.
Really nice job guy !

May i use this pic for a facebook page ? :-)
these are beautiful mate! are they an official release? or just through you?
stunning concept!
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All my work, dude=) Thanks!
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Very nice!!  I wish I had a poster of this.

The Star Wars geek in me has to point one thing out, though: the Falcon lost it's antenna dish while flying inside the Death Star II...
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I'm glad you said that. I actually didn't notice it (how can I call myself a SW fan now? haha)
Thank you!
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Well ya never know. They could've replaced it!
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Did you see that you got published on… ?
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Amazing composition, and I have to say it has exactly the iconic imagery that the marketing campaign for this film is going to need.
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Utterly magnificent.
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Oh, and I truly hope you turn this into a wallpaper. It's one of the best fan art pieces I've ever seen. Magnificent. Utterly.
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You see when I first saw this poster I thought you were depicting a future mission where Rogue Squadron and the Falcon take serious damage and are facing imminent peril rather than merely the conclusion of Episode VI.

Brilliant work :)
AndrewSS7's avatar
But your idea is cool, too.
BTW, thank you! Much appreciated
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I agree. Please let us know when and where we can purchase prints/posters. I'd love to have all three up on my wall.
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Do you have the picture without text? Looks awesome!
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