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Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange

Phoenix is rumored to play Dr Strange and I'm very excited about it. Just look at him with that goatee and grey hair!
So here is my conceptual poster.
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He WOULD be Perfect and He COULD Bring Out the the Mystic. I Hope he does it. But, there seems to be a trending rise in casting British actors in roles for television and motion pictures. Must be a cultural exchange thing. Regardless, in the movie 'SIGNS' it was more about spirituality than science fiction and I can see Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange.   
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Whoa! This looks bada**, too bad he didn't get cast.

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While he didn't get cast in the end, this is a remarkable piece of art here. :)
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cool !!! i hope just be like this in DR strange movie.
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I can even see the cleft lip. masterful attention to detail.
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Nice one! Greatly done. 
This looks famtastic
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WOW, This is incredible!!! :D

Very good work. I wasn't sure he could pull off the look till I saw this. Clap 
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Shweet! I was really hoping he would have been cast as Lex Luthor he would have been awesome. Heard the rumors about him as Strange but didn't think he'd look the part until i saw a pic of him that was going around with the Doctor Strange look and now seeing this awesome piece i'm more convinced he could pull this off. Only question is if he will commit to a multi picture deal.
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Wow, this is amazing!
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