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Captain America: Civil War teaser poster

Suddenly Civil War became my most hyped movie (sorry, Star Wars, Marvel got me hooked). I've been seeing tons of Cap/Spider-man/Iron Man posters and thought I might bring something new to that theme. So here's my take. I'm planning other poster(s?) for Civil War, so stay tuned!
As always, hope you like it =)

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whose taking the kid

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Super amazing.

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Which side will Spidey choose?
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intense arm grabbing, I like it
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Hi, is this available without the "Marvel 2016" and tinytext at the bottom? Interested in either purchasing the JPG or buying the print. Also, what's the resolution of the JPG?
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Unfortunately, there's no textless version available. You can purchase the jpg on DA, which is 2000x3000.
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nice symbolism.
Hi! Im putting together a captain america civil war fan art post for the blog @ Id love to include this let me know if you are interested! If you are I would include any links you'd like to your deviant art as well as any other websites or social media accounts you have. 
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really like this poster !!Awesome!! 
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Beautiful work. There's so much that's said with these three arms. Looks so real I feel like I could reach out and grab a hand too. Obviously Cap's. Great job! #teamcap
This is so true
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He's With Tony Stark! When they released the first trailer I choosed. #teamironman 
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I love this poster, because in a simple composition, you've shown exactly who I think Cap and Tony are in personality and as men, and how they will act in this movie. Cap is grabbing Peter higher up on the arm, like an old man would to stop and tell you something wise. It's a grip that shows no ill will or evil intent, like Cap is only holding on to Peter to impart something important to him. Tony on the other hand is grabbing Pete just above the wrist, which conveys the words "I want you" to my eyes and mind. It shows that Tony is aggressive in getting what he wants and that he refuses to except anything less, conforming to his silver spoon childhood and personality. I imagine he will have a strong hold/control over Peter, so much so that he may even feed his head with false ideas of Cap to turn the boy more to his side. 

I personally see Spidey starting out with Tony (I don't know how they'll get together, but I'm excited to see), and then, over time, Peter will find himself gravitating more and more towards Cap's side. 

Well done on this beautiful poster!
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Now that's deep. Probably more meaningful than I intended (probably).
Thank you!
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Really awesome concept! I love how they're trying to pull him to their side! :D
#teamcap :D
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It's confirmed he's with Tony, so am I

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He may change sides, I guess? 
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i watched the movie and.


he didn't changed side. he's still on iron mans side. (Sorry)
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You should be in charge of the movie posters!
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Amazing picture ;)
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So simple, yet so effective. Marvel would never create something so epic like this, good work.
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