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''Captain America: Civil War'' teaser poster

Marvel means only one thing: the sparks are back! A lot of sparks.

Okay, here's a teaser poster for Captain America 3 movie which is gonna be based on the Civil War event. So, we'll have a fight between Iron Man and Cap. I went for a scene where the two superheroes confront each other (No idea how they are going to show this in the movie though. Sure it will be epic).
Hope you like it!=D

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Ive seen the move it was great! It had this scene in it!
DC MARVEL Crossover now!!!…
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I don't know if you care but these guys took your poster…
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So Marvel Is Gonna be Hiring You any day now? XD
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Twist ending, they just fight another bad guy and never even get into a fist fight in this movie.
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I have a better twist, there is no villain, it was just a british actor doing a role the whole time XD
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MARVEL !!! you need to hire this guy , seriously !! Excellent piece of work their sir. Shall be buying that from you soon.
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Appreciate that=D
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Thank you for letting me now.
Really awesome man
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yes yesyesyesyesyesyesysyesyesyesyesyes
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It's Awesome just amazing ;)
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You're Welcome can you check out my Poster i made it in photoshop :)
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Tagline Possibility: Who's Side Are You On?
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Yep. Though about that, but then I realised it was on almost every Civil War fan poster, so I decided to leave it as it is.
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that's cool!
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Thank you!
Hey, I love your gallery BTW. You've got some nice vision=)
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yw....tnxx u too buddy :)
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Great work! How do make this poster amazing?
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This is an awesome poster, not sure why Iron Man would be in a Capt movie. Plus not liking the idea of them turning against each other, unless one is manipulated by Hydra or something, still if it all works out in the end I'll be a happy camper. :D
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thats an awesome poster!, good job :) just a minor nitpick, Paramount stopped working on the films since IM3, just a minor nitpick, but still awesome job! *claps*
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