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Visenya, Aegon, Rhaenys Targaryen



My interpretation of what the founding members of the Targaryen dynasty would have looked like.

For a little backstory on these folks in case you're unfamiliar check out these vids on youtube
comicbookgirl19 (seriously her GoT vids are really entertaining)…
emergencyawesome (another great vid specifically about the war of conquest):…
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Gonna repost a story I told on another pic. I still can't believe how it all worked out. 

So funny story from a recent game of CK2 AGOT.

I'm playing as Harren the Black during Aegon's Conquest. Sounds like a suicide run right? Well apparently luck is on my side because Aegon decides "Fuck Westeros, we're going home" and decides to re-establish Valyria. First miracle achieved.

Riverlords rise up, as they do, but I manage to knock them back and even force marry Tulley's sister to my one of my sons. You know, just to rub it in to the prick. Along the way, Harren becomes a fuck me badass swordsman in his late fifties. Survival of the Rivers and Isles accomplished. I took one of the Blackwoods as a salt wife as well. Gotta keep that family tradition.

Moving on, Aegon starts to have trouble in the east with a lot of unhappy underlings and for whatever reason his ai being unable to beat Braavos, Volantis, and Norvos. Probably has to do with how he got himself stuck 'in hiding' and can't come out due to how the mechanics work for Aegon's Conquest but whatever. In any case, Harren sees a picture of Visenya or something and decides in that megalomaniac mind of his "This dragon bitch would make a great salt-wife". But there's no way I'm leading an army up against Aegon and his fucking dragons, so I take advantage of all those angry underlings and plot to kidnap the eldest sister. Eventually the opportunity comes up, something about a trip she's taking around the island or something idunno, basically she's lightly guarded and this is the one chance I'll get ever. Even with all the help, it's only about a 40% chance at best that it works. I sigh, fully expecting it to not work and click the go ahead.


Visenya is brought to the old bastard in a sack and he immediately moves her into Harrenhal. Second miracle achieved.

I become aware of the third and biggest miracle after this. Vhaegar has been wounded in one of the ill fated wars with those three holdouts. We're not talking a little scratch either, this dragon will literally never fly again. One of the mechanics in the game is that if you make a dragon rider a salt-wife, slave, or generic concubine they will eventually use their dragon to fly away back home, usually leaving a burning mess in their wake. But since Vhaegar can't fly anymore, that prevents that event from firing at all, or at least until Visenya can hatch a replacement dragon. But that wouldn't matter because apparently, Harren got a surge of libido upon seeing this gal because almost nine months on the money later, his first and only daughter is born from this union. Syga the White, nick named for her hair and eye color being unique in her black haired and black eyed family. Harren doesn't have any other kids with Visenya, but this doesn't matter. He now has a way to the Valyrian throne via his daughter. You can go ahead and cue the villain laugh here because you know damn well he's gonna do it.

A fourth and final miracle occurs when, on top of Aegon being stuck in Dragonstone as a result of the game mechanics trolling him, Rhaenys decides "I'm gonna become celibate", eliminating any chances of there being any future Targs. Think Orys can save the day? Nope! He literally got cancer and died.

To end this on a slightly higher note, Syga actually made Harren a somewhat better man. She's a total daddy's girl and caused him to lose his 'cruel' and 'arbitrary' traits, and towards the end he even picked up some good ones. All's well that ends well I suppose. Funny story though, couldn't help but share.