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Valentines Day Episode

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Happy Valentines Day everyone! This year I wanted to celebrate the holiday with a whimsical flower arrangement that embodies the overall spirit of this special day. Join this single fella as I attempt to stave off feelings of despair and loneliness by masking them with aesthetic harmony.

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Flowers and I have a mixed relationship. We--my husband and I--don't send each other flowers for Valentine's Day due to our cat trying to turn every green shrub into her newest drug fix, but my previous relationship, I gave him red roses every year--I made sure to stay away from yellow roses--and he cheated with me with three guys. XD

That aside, thanks for your video! It was quite lovely.

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Very interesting. There are definitely worse ways of dealing with going stir crazy.

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I have exactly zero aptitude when it comes to flower arrangements, but that looks really nice, in my opinion.

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Thank you so much!!