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Snowy Stronghold

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an extremely inconvenient place to get to
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More and More, and More, and More, and fszdlfkf, selkfnzflknzf, esflkhsfsdlf...
Fucking progress...

Awesome works man ! Fantastic !
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Very cool environment. I love the water falls. I want to see a spring version of this Stronghold. :)
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Inconvenient location to get to, limited approachs and plenty of fresh water. I would hate to be the commander who had to try to lay siege.
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exactly :) which makes it an excellent location to be :)
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LoL it looks it XD On the bright side that would make it somewhat well protected right? Looks beautiful :)
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Very beautiful and well done, may I ask, did you use a reference for this piece?
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Beautiful piece.  Makes me think of Skyhold from Dragon Age Inquisition.  Love the mountains and the water.  I need to play that game again and they need to release another one.  Time for the bf to take me to see his home!  We can always vacation in the mountains.
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my dream house...
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Wonderful work? Was this inspired by Skyhold, by any chance? Regardless, it's still amazing
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Truly beautiful painting.
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Incredible! Id love to live in there!!!!!
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Maybe inconvenient, but it the view is worth it :)
Thanks for sharing !
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Very Cool! this is about to become my new desktop wallpaper!
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This is so cool. I love the design and attention to detail you have in this.
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Looks beautiful and strong. Great work.
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Well, that's what makes it a good stronghold. You see the bad guys coming from miles away, you let them climb up all the way up the mountain and then shut the gates in their face so you can taunt them a second time-a.
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What a strange person!
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