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Seaside Barony

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Been working on this one for awhile. Wanted to try painting all the textures instead of using photos/brushes like in some of my older stuff.
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Insta-fav'ed. What a lovely concept.

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Gorgeous! Reminds me of the beautiful books I'd read as a kid that showed the layout of a medieval town or something haha. The colours are so lovely!

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That's cute, is it a little city or a place where just one family lives? I hope I remember this shape, I kind of want to build something like it in Minecraft now XD

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The title would suggest some sort of noble family though the layout is a bit impractical so It’s either built by some eccentric figure as a showpiece or maybe belongs to a reclusive group of monks that only come out for a market day like in this particular painting. The possibilities are endless!

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The half-timber work on the towers to the right seems to make a 'robot' face!

Wonderful work detailing all the brick and stone.