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Reaperized Kalros (Thresher Maw)

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Trying to do an actual scene for once instead of just a concept. Switched the orientation of the image since most people view images from left to right.
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Good god i think any force no matter how tough would collectively shit themselves seeing this XD
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"Hey Wrex, I think the Council is going to have no choice but to give the Krogan some worlds back for colonization at this rate."
"No shit Shepard."
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this would have been so crazy bad
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Title: Leviathan
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Good ol' memories from Mass Effect 3!  Very awesome picture!
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T'Yeah, that'd be a REAL "OH COME ON!!!" moment.
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Too bad Bioware doesnt hire People with Talent
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The Reapers just won
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Tuchanka is SO screwed if that happens.
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I always wondered why people thought Kalros taking down the Reaper was a good thing. She's organic, and her body is in complete contact with the Reaper... and dying isn't enough to stop a Reaper from indoctrinating or making husks. At the very best, there's now a Reaper corpse underground indoctrinating people that don't know about it. At the worst, a significant portion of it merges with one of the largest life forms on the planet.
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Reapers can't indoctrinate people when they're completely crushed to bits. And since it's Reaper Destroyer, their equivalent of a tank, it can't transform Kalros. At worst, the Krogan will be having to dig out its bits and pieces from underground.
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It could crush it to nonfunctionality, but not to tiny little bits (not that Kalros is aware enough of what a Reaper is capable of to actually know to do that. It's just a monolithic god-worm defending its territory). Even small pieces of Reaper tech can still cause indoctrination.   
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We're f**ked, so very f**ked. 
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Yeah... F********ck that!!!
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Ok people, who has nukes?
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This is what happens if you feed a reaper to a threasher maw. Oh, crap... We did that with kalros, commander. You clean it up, ok?
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I find this orientation very natural :3
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Three years later, I run into it again, but now I know what is going on :D
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....:o (Eek) 

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:| (Blank Stare) I think I've fainted. Boing! Boing!
yep time to run
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An indoctrinated thresher would be almost as big a threat as an actual Reaper.
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