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Reaper Yahg line work

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Line work for the Yagh, I thought it was weird that the Reapers bypassed the Yagh in the game since the other races had already considered them for uplifting so they must have been further along than the evolutionary process than humans were the last time the reapers came around. Seems like bypassing the yagh would have given them ample time to become a viable threat during the next cycle, maybe moreso than the protheans even, given the extreme intellect and strength displayed by the shadow broker. My reaper Yagh has his arms converted into cannons, he'd probably be introduced as a means to combat the Krogan forces on Palaven.
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Why weren't the brutes like this?
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We are doomed :XD:
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All I can say is: Holy crap, the shadow broker alone has hard enough to fight, now you've gone and reaperfied them D;
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At first glance, I thought it was an Uroburos monster from RE5 :)
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Now this should have been the brute for the game!
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The Yagh were skipped because they are pre-spaceflight species. The Reapers only target those with spaceflight tech. Still a cool idea though.
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I know but from talking to Javik we hear that the asari, salarians and turians were no where near the level of society that the Yahg were at during his cycle, seems like they'd have an advantage during the next cycle.
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They likely would. It's hinted that they would have been the ruling race for the next cycle.
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Well, maybe the Shadow Broker was the exception. :shrug:

Or maybe their "boss" didn't say so. :roll: (grumble:X )
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Now that is a nightmare.
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