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Reaper Yahg

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Still the Vorcha to go then I think I'm finally done!

I thought it was weird that the Reapers bypassed the Yahg in the game since the other races had already considered them for uplifting so they must have been further along than the evolutionary process than humans were the last time the reapers came around. Seems like bypassing the yahg would have given them ample time to become a viable threat during the next cycle, maybe moreso than the protheans even, given the extreme intellect and strength displayed by the shadow broker. My reaper Yahg has his arms converted into thannix cannons, he'd probably be introduced as a means to combat the Krogan forces on Palaven.
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Title: Berserker
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It's like the Mancubus from Doom.
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Even though it's old, Straps Shepard into the Praetor Suit Rip and Tear!
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The Reapers bypassed anyone who wasn't far enough along some technological scale the Reapers used so sadly no Yahg... But I mean come on, how was this not a boss for some insane mission or DLC?
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We'd be fucked if these guys were actual enemies.
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Mr. Ryan, I'm not sure if you're aware, but someone used your art for paper miniatures and put it under a different name: Phygon Berserker.…
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Reaper? Yahg?
Hmmm...Yeaper? Rahg? Yahgreaper? Rahgyeaper?
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they wont touch the yahg as there not evolved yet there just mindless the reason shadow broker is advanced my guess is he was lucky enough to get that way just like star lord in gardians of the galaxy is able to have space tra unlike  earth
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Surely, there would be no victory if these things were on the battlefield. 
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No this is not infantry this is not even artilery this is ground based anty ship weponary!
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As cool as this would be, The Reapers ignored the Yahg because they were not a space faring race, and thus had no affect on the Galaxy.
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Who knows... Mass Effect 5 or 6. Reapers will come to the next cycle when Yahgs become something truly special. Then we would be pretty fucked, considering one of the ending is controlling the Reapers. Honestly I am not sure who would be more dangerous: fully evolved Yahgs or Reapers.
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I think the Yahg are mentioned to have been avoided because they weren't a space-faring race.

That being said, I prefer to think the Reapers attempted to invade, then nope'd the fuck out when the Yahg started ripping them new assholes.
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As with many terrifying things, we ask ourselves, what could make it even more terrifying? The answer... big. freaking. cannon hands!

Eh gadz, I am both in shock and awe!I am a dummy! Waaaah! 
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thats terrifying 
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This is a very good design but I am pretty sure the Yahg would be spared by the reapers considering there not a space fairing race.
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That's just terrifying - more than anything seen ingame
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Considering the Shadow Broker looked like he could choke slam Grunt I am really happy this enemy is not in the games.
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Ah, the Yahg.  Just one of many reasons not to "Refuse."
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Fighting the Shadow Broker was hard enough. But a Reaper Yahg? How about a big tall glass of nope. Insanity would be appropriately titled if this was an enemy.
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Thank goodness the designers never came up with this kind of thing, it would have been a pain in the ass to fight them!

Just kidding, I think all your reaper designs are amazing!
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