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Reaper Volus

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My version of a volus reaper enemy, since the idea of a menacing volus is sort of a joke I just turned them into little suicide bombers that can only run close to you and blow up so you have to kill them from a distance.
People kept saying Volus would explode if exposed outside their suits so I changed the feet into mech legs to solve this.
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Amazing! I love this reaper series!
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Honestly, I'm willing to wager that these things would be scarier than whatever BioWare could come up with if they decided to include these enemies. Well done!
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I could bet it'd function as a suicide bomber xD so that means.. great job!
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I figure the Volus could have been made into a support unit of some kind, like a mobile shield generator and drone coordinator.
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I can imagine them saying "Nothing personal...its just business" 
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I thought the same thing.
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The Bloat is a Reaper husk created from a Volus. Due to their unstable physiological structure and lack of any real physical prowess,Reaper nano-tech compensates by grafting a set of tripod legs to the base of the husk,allowing it to be mobile enough to pursue enemies. However,due to the instability of the internal organ systems with the process,Bloats are naturally primed to self-detonate upon close contact with opponents,making these units out as little more than suicide bombers for the Reapers. However,due to the powerful explosive radius of these detonations,it is advised to maintain a distance.
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I can read that perfectly in the codex voice. Well done. And well done to the artist too!
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You, Sir, are needed in the comments section of every deviantart post.
Godspeed to you.
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Great, I will never look at another Volus the same way again... ugh.  "Amnesia: A Machine for Reapers" anyone?
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Perfect concept for this race.  Yeah, pretty hard to see a Volus as menacing after the red-sand, high-as-a-kite "I'm a biotic God!", weeble-wobble incident.
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Oh crap that was all that was needed
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4 meter sprint - deep breath - 4 meter sprint - deep breath - 4 meter sprint - deep breath - 2 meter sprint - shot in the head
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Suicide bomber volus?
Niftu Cal and his trusty Reegar can deal with them.
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Wow... this is funny but still a little creepy and I can ACTUALLY see these reaper concepts in the game.
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I think the Council will start taking the Volus a little more seriously NOW...
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You have GOT to be kidding me O.o - Nice one!
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XD PLOP beybey Volus
Great idea!
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kind of like the tikers(sp?) form gears of war.
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This is Super cool! have you played with the volus engineer in the Mass Effet 3 multiplayer, So cool, he's like a glass canon b/c he could set up mines and explosives, but dies very easily.
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