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Reaper Salarian

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My version of a salarian reaper enemy, not sure how he attacks but since he has no weapon maybe he just runs at you like a human husk, only faster.
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I think he would attavk someway like Geth Stalker from first game. Jumping all over and shooting you with lasers and shit. I hated those things, but is is sad that they didn't returned in any form
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I can imagine this would be some sort of maintenance worker or have a type of laser gun embedded in his wrists.   
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I can feel Jhonen Vasquez would be chomping at the bit to make a Zim impression of that.
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Dunno why but I imagine these things as not being battlefield troops and acting more like maintenance for Reaper Harvesting Facilities or the Reaper Capital Ships themselves.
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I'd think Salarian husks would use stealth tech, trigger ambushes, scale buildings and probably leap off ledges at you and shit.
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Ah these would remind me of the Twitchers from Dead Space -- move so fast they're a blur and they hit HARD. Probably with, as said before, a neural shock or overload, which would doubly suck.
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My guess is they would be like a more agile husk that focuses more on ambushes
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I like to think they act like a combination of ME1 husks, hoppers, and hunters.

They can cloak, hop motherf**king everywhere, and close in to deliver a palm-based Overload/Neural Shock.
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I think their hability should be "talking its enemy ear off", overloaded attack could be singing an opera song, maybe? Great work btw! :)
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well salarians are bright I doubt that these guys will just run at you
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The Goblin,named after the mischievous entity from folklore,is physically weaker than even basic human Husks. However,it makes up for it in tactical planning,surpassing even a Marauder or Collector. These Reaper units have built-in cloaks that allow them to traverse the battlefield in safety until they can strike their enemies from behind whilst they least expect it. In addition to this deadly ability,Goblins can shoot super-heated plasma at their opponents in a similar fashion to Alliance combat engineers to burn their enemies,as well as drain the kinetic barriers of their enemies to restore their own.
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Very descriptive, I can practically hear the codex voice over. :P
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"Faster and more vicious, but considerably weaker", perhaps? Seeing as how they lack strength in and of numbers for anything but STG work and all.
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Something like the Geth Stalkers/Hoppers/Leapers/Sappers? Maybe even a little mouth laser, or some form of explosive, to take off on Salarian weapon aesthetics and functions?
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It would act like a melee version of a get hopper, crawling along ceilings before dropping down onto Shepherd's squad.
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Probably would have integrated tech abilities, like some weird and powerful Reaper version of a drone, or the ability to siphon shields.
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That would be interesting to fight
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I was thinking they'd be like Geth stalkers from ME1
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Worse yet, the Reapers would extend their lifespan...0_o'
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Actually since salerians have a pretty hyper active systems it would stand that your hypothesis would be correct. They'd fight like the husk but likely are way more agile than the husks. Furthermore its likely these types of reapers would be more intelligent than you everyday husk.
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These... would fall apart like tissue paper...
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I could see the Reapers using these guys to actually do the altering and experimenting on other races. Like, since when a creature is Indoctrinated the Reaper gains control of your mind [and knowledge] they could use all the valuable information Salarians learn to be better at the whole "turning people into horrible monsters" thing. Although, the idea of them acting like Husks is pretty cool too.
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