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Reaper Hanar

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My version: fast moving melee opponents with low life to compensate for their speed and vicious slicing abilities.
Still the drell and quarians to go. Might skip the Vorcha, they already look freaky enough.

So I changed the top of the design to look slightly more religious, in ME3 the Kasumi mission had the Hanar diplomat siding with the reapers due to it's belief that the enkindlers (protheans) would have wanted it. Or maybe it was just indoctrinated, I'm not toally sure but I was trying to show that the reapers would convert the Hanar through religious fanaticism.
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This one will only pretend to sleep tonight
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Wow, I was looking for this again after so many years! I remember seeing articles about your other "Reaper-fied" ME species, and now I found it again. Good work!
(And I already liked and followed you from your work where you make MASS EFFECT chatacters look like something out of DRAGON AGE and vice versa. You're awesome!)
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I presume the human term for this meet would be... "Let's dance."
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This would have been amazing to see in the game.
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this is by far the most terrifying thing I've seen you design... I love it!
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you should've been an enemy designer for mass effect. these would've been awsome to fight in the gammer
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I would turn off my PC if I saw one of those things in the game...
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"This one follows the orders of the reapers. This one will blow you into gooey pieces."
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Call sign: "Hydra"
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....I wouldn't want to fight it that's for sure!

I gotta say, your designs are brilliant and I think EA missed out on including these twisted creations into the game! In a universe where the horror comes from having the familiar things twisted and turned against you, it seems so odd they didn't do *MORE* of it. Besides, I'm sure your designs are better than any they could've come up with! ;) I'm steadily faving my way through all of them, lol
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the Kraken: this unit can move extremly fast across th abttle feild due to it's floating ability and with its nosix clawed tentalces it can grab units to throw them out of cover or cut them in two
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Blasto has finally met his match
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I'd always wondered how the hanar would look all reapered.  Nice renditions! 
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Dude really cool I thought the Hanar should have spikes on its tentacles though.
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I see this being a Reaper equivalent to a Geth stalker. Climbs on the ceiling moves quickly. When you shoot it it will fall and act dead only to scurry away and attack again. You have to double tap it. Is it okay to share on my James Shepard page?
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If that was in the game, my Shep would just be like: "fuuuuuuuuu*k that" and I'd turn off my xbox


And cry TT_TT
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I thought that it would be used as some kind of fire support xD All those legs can support a ton of guns.
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The Ceph is the product of Reaperfied Hanar. Due to the aquatic nature of Hanar resulting in required technological assistance,Reaper nano-tech improvises by using precise mass effect fields to allow these husks to hover above the ground,freeing up their movement. Naturally weak-bodied like the species they're created from,Cephs rely more on getting up close and personal to their enemies to either strangle them with their tentacles or sedate them with powerful toxins to either be killed,harvested,or turned into husks without resistance.
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Or, kraken. Would that work?
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Tentacle the least of your worries...:nuu: 
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Bioware should hire you for concept artist for all of your reaper crosses are spectacular :clap:. at some part of the game didn't the hanar race get indoctrinated :? and it would have been badass fight these guys at some point along with the other reaper crosses you designed. 
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