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Reaper Elcor/Volus Unit

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Not really a hybrid but I think it's a cool idea. Someone suggested the first version and I thought it was a better idea, thus the two variations.
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Little dudes on top of big dudes...
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All aboard the nope train!!!
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I can totally imagine this thing as a boss or miniboss.
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That would be one hell of a fight
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Lord of the rings anyone?
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We always have this link Elcor/Volus in our mind because of the (usually) first time we've seen them, together at the ambassades.
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What if you were to do the ME races as Darkspawn. It would be interesting to see a Krogan or Asari Broodmother and their offspring.
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An evolution of the Behemoth and Bloat husk variants,the Battlewagon is a never-before-seen Reaper creation that differs from nearly all others. The most intriguing difference to normal Reaper forces is the non-grafted connection between the Reaperfied Elcor and Volus. Like the Behemoth,the Elcor in this unit serves as a heavy weapons-fire platform. However,unlike the Behemoth,instead of a single large cannon,there is a platform mounted on the husk's back,which houses two built-in mass-accelerator machine guns taken up by less heavily Reaperfied variations of Bloats. The Elcor platform is used as a means of movement across the battlefield to allow the Volus to fire at enemy forces from the platform's back with ease. With the 180 degree field of view of each gun and these weapon emplacements being positioned back-to-back,the Battlewagon is a force to be reckoned with.
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Ha ha ha ha... Oh...   the Volus fist in the air...  ha ha ha ha...  "I am a Reaper GOD!"  Love the design though, the Elcor face is awesome.
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Does anyone else see the Lord of the Rings in this?
Elcor is the Olephant and the Volus are the wicked men on its back.
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And when all of them are killed...

Urdnot Wrex: (to whoever kills it) The Elcor still counts as ONE!
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Garrus would be Legolas in that situation.
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LOL, I would have guessed. ^^
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This very much reminds me of a Krootx:

Except more awesome and glowy.
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the Volus gunners are ingenious.
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Definitely a great big problem
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Man, it would have been awesome to see this Reaper unit in Mass Effect! :D
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Reaper Elcor: Complaint: Who thought this was such a good idea? My aching back...
Repear Volus 1: (breaths) Onward! Into the (breath) breach!
Reaper Volus 2: Let's see the Council (breath) deny us (breath) NOW!
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Sorry but I find this more funny then anything. the Elcor almost looks like he's made of wood in some areas while the volus look like they're from your typical post apocalypse gang. Also I think your scale between the two races are off. But considering the brute I guess it doesn't really matter to the reapers.
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O! I love Volus=))))))
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Wayne Barlowe
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