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Reaper Drell/Hanar hyrbrid

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Hanar/Drell love
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Jesus this is gonna haunt my nightmares tonight lol XD for real this is awesome i wish it was actually in game i have a feeling fighting it would've been a pain in the ass lol
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Reaper troops often cannibalize each other for combat advantages. Converted hannar utilize other reaper troops as energy and recourse stores, latching on to them absorbing both biological and cybernetic parts.
This vampiric ability allows the hannar to overclock or overcharged its weapons without over taxing its power source.
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These Concept's are great. If you've played Andromeda you've probably seen how the Kett get recruits, we've only seen a Krogen Exalted. Will you consider giving making Kett designs for the rest of the Milky Way Races a try?
this has all the trappings of an ALIEN parasite!
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Call Sign: "Medusa"
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Well if that aint nightmare fuel.

You professional, or just a doodler? The second would be more impressive.
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:iconhanarplz: Enkindle this :iconkillitwithfireplz:
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This is terrifying and brilliant.
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That's actually a great concept.
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:iconspyplz::iconsaysplz: (watch until you see someone shoot a beam of light from their hand)
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looks to me by the Drells open screaming mouth that both races were alive and conscious during the fusion
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Very Creepy. Awesome idea about merging the two together, Nice job!
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This is so sick, and I love it, good job!
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truly terrifying, if I seen this in game id be more horrified  of the reapers.
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Noooooooooooooooooo!! (no no the drawing is awesome but that would be my reaction if i saw it in game)
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Now this would be a scary reaper, worst than the banshees. Pure nightmare material.
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The Chimera,as the name implies,is a mix of species,specifically a Drell and Hanar,that have been converted by the Reapers. This particular creation has the lower limbs of a Drell and the upper body of both Drell and Hanar,bar the limbs of the Drell. With this configuration,this hybrid bypasses a Hanar's natural inability to move on land by giving the creature the agile limbs of a Drell,allowing quicker movement. However,the added weight hinders this abomination's ability to effectively leap and jump,limiting it to accessible ramps and walkways. Due to the lack of the Drell's arms,the tentacles of the Hanar are used instead for grappling with oppnents or spraying them with a neurotoxin that surpasses even that of a Shade or Ceph.
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This looks more like something I'd encounter in Dead Space. You know, you got me thinking. What if a Reaper encountered a marker? Reaper succumbs to the marker and begins making necromorphed reapers. I can't even wrap my head around the idea.
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What if a marker is reaper artifact ??!!
*Plot twist
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This is gorgeous.  Sets a new standard for exquisite grotesquerie.
So, now that the standard has been set, I'm curious to see what exceeds it.
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Part of me is getting more and more relieved that you aren't actually created characters for Bioware.  ;)
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Most of me is getting more and more depressed that he isn't actually creating characters for Bioware.
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You really could fool me into thinking this was legitimate EA concept art.
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