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Mountain Sanctuary

new enviro piece
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I like this, not sure about the opaque backgrounds though
FatzJinXX's avatar
Love this.This place looks amazing.
oggiegonz's avatar
Wow....this is stunning
PeaceAndTacos's avatar
GG WP! I'll make sure to do something more awsome than this in 2 weeks...See it as an competition (...Feels like i'll loose big time, but who cares hoho)!!
AndrewRyanArt's avatar
No one can best me ;)
DivineLightAngels's avatar
Beautiful and wonderful
mrwardrop's avatar
Okay, I see the keep ... now I have to get there.
davidducker's avatar
love the floating rocks! very cool! you know there's some foul magick goin' on inside this joint!
Marsuwai's avatar
I really love the floating rocks. They add a lot of atmosphere, as does the lighting.
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Seems very hazardous with those floating rocks :) wonderfull piece
Skewy's avatar
Won't those flying bits of rock damage the sanctuary? XD
spiderlady's avatar
That is really cool!
TXSballistics's avatar
i'd really like to be here in a game
yinetyang's avatar
Play Dark souls or Demon souls.... But prepare to die!!! :-)
pixarjunkie's avatar
this is absolutely gorgeous!
Naruto-II's avatar
Ow, lovely!
It reminds me of something... hmmm... I can't quite remember what is was, so annoying ><
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