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Messengers of the Mountain God

done in about 6 hours, trying to get faster. Woke up and looked at it with fresh eyes and god do I hate this painting. Oh well, it shall stand as a testament to the virtue of trial and error.
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Hmm I can't tell why you'd hate the painting. XD maybe something about the colors? I personally think that the idea is great :3
Love it! This projects so much story in just one image.
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Love it!

(Though I'd love it even more if it were in a higher resolution.)
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cool -this will be my next album cover!
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Wow, I thought it was an oil painting at first! Very beautiful.
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Why thank you RiverKing. "bows low"
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You are most welcome, good man.
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Uhhh, I can't possibly imagine what you wouldn't like about this picture. Really, I'm grasping for something that's incomplete or out of place. Everything is flawless! D;
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What do you hate about it? I love it hehe
I have the sudden urge to play Dwarf Fortress. Inspirational!
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Great job!! Really fantastic
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great piece! congrat :)
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Dear DuneChampion
Your Wonderful art work ... is selected to get in...Action-Portraits...:)
If you agree...!!!
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6 hours is not that long for something like this. Never compromise quality over quantity.
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quality is of course more important in the long run but I want to be a concept artist which means short deadlines.
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Ah, well then sure that makes sense. Good luck!
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so meeting a happy in between place of quality and speed is what I'm shooting for. Not saying I've reached it yet by any means.
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Epic! I love the atmosphere
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Very nice! Love the scene :D
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