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Looking forward to Inquisition party banter.
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Lol It is, of course, fazes, not phases. ;-D Great comic strip!
"Do you think this bit of amateur sorcery phases the likes of me?"

Short answer, bub? Yes.

Excellent well done.
DragonPud's avatar
He will never hair the end of this, will he?
youngni's avatar
He's in a bit of a hairy situation.
WhovianTrekkie101's avatar
Sola's made this 100× better
Poipoigirl's avatar
lol   I love this a lot.  Dorian did ask for it. 
freewolf17's avatar
Well, I just spent the last two minutes laughing at this.
WhiteLynx57's avatar
And so Dorian's fabulous mustache betrayed him to the Iron Lady's whims....
GhostGlider's avatar
Be honest, Solas, you're just there to laugh at the Vint.
WritterInTheArtHat's avatar
Playing dirty I see. Putting his own facial hair against Dorian. Nice one, Viv.
SilverDollarRider's avatar
Hahahaha!! I love Dorian at the end lol
Ladytreylena's avatar
he so never going to hear the end of this
MaedilOfAsshai's avatar
Tamarandom's avatar
Ha! Nice..could see that scenario
PistachioInfernal's avatar
Oh poor Dorian :XD: Still, he brought it on himself ;)
doradanis's avatar
Just amazing work... I'm speechless 
shyprincess17's avatar
HealingOverdose's avatar
Braum and Dorian should meet each other. :)
Goldie4224's avatar
haha, hilarious! :)
Deonisos's avatar
No! His perfect moustache of perfectious perfection has been brought to a state of unperfection! How dare you!
Thepoisonyvi's avatar
mustage of doom!
JRGarrett's avatar
HAH, too funny :)
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