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Jack vs. Miranda

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Shouldn't Miranda also be a Sith sense she worked with a literal Nazi terrorist group?

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I'd really like to see more of these. Legion Garrus and the rest would great in Star Wars.
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bitch have some lightning
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Well I think this is the best cross fiction depiction(yes I am that lame) that I think I've seen in a really long time.  Also love the whole flow of how you set up Jack.  It's very much her, but also very much a sith :D
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Looks like Jack's been corrupted by the powers of Chaos. 
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That Jack Design! ~<3 It is thrilling and marvelous.
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this is great it reminds me of Revan and Bastila to be honest and it as great kotor/tor vide to it, i love it awesome work :)
Great job, but why does Miranda look like a jedi? She was part of a power hungry terrorist group.
WOW~! Best crossover i even seen!
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Jack makes a good Asajj Ventress. ;)
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Ver nice. It's interesting how similar Asajj Ventress and Jack are. Miranda reminds me of Princess Leia as a Jedi.  
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Hrm. Given Miranda's personality and background, she should be Sith as well.
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I hope to see more of these but similarly posed like there Dragon Effect counterparts so we can get a good look at them.
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I expected Miranda to look more slut-*shot*
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This is so amazing! The colors, lighting, detail. The crossover is also pretty darn awesome.
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Wow, both of the girls are wearing clothes that doesn't look slutty! Well done!
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Is it bad that I'm rooting for Jack just because its Miranda?
I'm rooting for Jack because it's no, you're not.
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Nice to see Miranda wearing something isn't spray-painted on for once!

Amazing concept, really well executed!
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I can totally see Jack as a Sith.
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