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Dragon effect: Joker and Normandy the high dragon

Normandy: looked at her again after not seeing it for a week (thanks assassins creed 3) and when I came back to it I thought she looked really stupid so I found some more screenshots of DA2 dragons and re-did her design to better match them. This is much more what I originally had in mind when I thought of the Normandy as a dragon, with the blue flame/energy representative of the thannix technology. Also she’s sort of a hybrid of the alliance and cerberus colors

Joker: If Joker ever tried to ride a dragon he would probably snap in half with every twist and turn so I chose to overlook his bone condition. Originally I was thinking of having him in some non combat role but since everyone else is suited for it I wanted him to be able to participate in some way, plus he and the Normandy are kind of inseparable. So probably not my best thought out role but I’m ok with it.
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Gorgeous! but seems like the download link is dead...
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This is just perfection. Not only does this make Joker the most bad assed member of the group (I mean, who would fuck with someone riding a DRAGON), but the Normandy as a dragon is just beautiful. I could just imagine their bond, it would be so sweet and awesome.
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Brilliant, love this. 
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ha he'd fall of as soon as the dragon takes off
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This is SUCH a good idea, bravo! They look great! I can just imagine them flying down to save Shep and the Crew from getting killed! Amazing! 
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I think.......this is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Heart I am a dummy! I think I've fainted. :happybounce: 
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Woah...That IS awesome!
he could be a dragon-bound, as long as he's close (near body contact) to Normandy he gets regeneration or his bones are much stronger. Awesome work.
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did Joker needed to get any more badass than he already is?
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I love it, I just want to mention you could of made Normandy a Mabari Hound and Joker as its trainer/caretaker/owner. But then again Dragon Normandy and Joker being a dragon rider is sooo cool.
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I gotta get one of those!!!
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No one will ever be as bad@ss as DE: Joker and Normandy.
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Yes Yes and Yes
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...I kinda want someone to turn this into a game now. This is amazing!
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Wow, this is awesome!
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this is amazing....
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Joker: EDI, go forth and scare that sweetroll vender away so I may feast!
EDI: *tail slaps her rider*
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This is awesome! But now I'm wondering... does Golem EDI have some sort of weird mystical connection to High Dragon Normandy? Are they one and the same? Hmmm...
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the high dragon looks like a harvester...
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