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Dragon Effect

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The Arch demon doesn't stand a chance.

Ashley and Jacob aren't included because I'm not a fan of either character (basically to the point where including them would cause me to no longer enjoy the piece or process), sorry to anyone who's upset by this.

When I started this project I had it in mind to try and get it on and they were nice enough to feature it which is always cool.

More wonderfully written dialogue from spicyshimmy: [link]

‘They might have Darkspawn, but we have krogan.’ - The Warden-Commander

‘Does this golem have a soul?’ - Legion

‘It is small and squishy, but it is not completely unpleasant to look at.’ - EDI, regarding Joker

‘My eyes are up here, ‘tis true—and those who look elsewhere during idle conversation find they do not live as long as those who do.’ - Miranda

‘The tiles in these Deep Roads remind me of an Orlesian floor…’ - Kaidan

‘You big, stupid archdemon.’ - The Warden-Commander

‘You only wish you could suck on these fireballs.’ - Jack, also known as ‘Apostate Zero’

‘Thresherhumper!’ - Wrex

‘Anybody else up for a little naked cliff-diving?’ - James

‘Embrace eternity… Just enter the Fade, which certainly feels like it.’ - Liara

‘Had to be. Somebody else might have cast the spell wrong.’ - Mordin
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Nice picture. I'm currently playing Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age Origins, and I love them. ME 1 is great too, but it was too big for me... too much to explore and too many Mako-sections. But 2 and 3 are my favorites. With Dragon Age, my faves are Origins and Inquisition.