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Aegon, Visenya, Rhaenys cosplay

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Absolutely floored by these cosplayers who brought my Targaryen conquerors designs to life at this years DragonCon.  I got the email asking for permission some time ago but had totally forgotten about it/wasn’t sure it was happening. Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys have never looked so good!

Mega talent Jeanette is apparently the one who made all of these and here is a link to her cosplay instagram/facebook page:……

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Ok this here... This is magnificent. These guys are really good cosplayers these out fits are amazing!
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The small details really bring these characters to life. They definitely captured that haughty nature we know runs in the family. I was really drawn to how sleek and elegant their costume design is, and how it is all very complimentary when put next to each other. I can also see a bit of the characters we came to love in them: a bit of Geoffery in Aegon, a bit of Cersei in the girl on the left, and and  a bit to Danyerus in the woman on the right. 

It's so amazing to see the detail that went into each design, and how it all comes together. 

~ E-H-Indigo
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Those are truly incredible costumes!  :omfg:
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This is amazing!
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A M A Z I N G cosplay. 
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Amazing work! 
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Love it! Long live the true rulers of Westeros 
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Wow - truly amazing!!
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They did a pretty good job with your designs.
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The longer I look at it, the more this seems like a painting  
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Agree about the Chinese, but trannie? Convincing trap then.
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Wow dude.......way to be a completely and utter racist asshat about the girls cosplaying. If you can't say nothing nice, don't say anything at all. 
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I reported this user. I'll be blocking them, and if I were you I would block them as well, just for your own piece of mind.
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Reported? For saying mean things? Free speech, where art thou?
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Blocked me? I guess you reported me as well, you triggered idiot?
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That is amazing!!!! The armor is incredible!
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