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A Future for the Krogan


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Wow the extended cut was just announced hours ago and I'm super excited, posting this piece to mark the occasion.

Link to the Tuchunka music that inspired me to do this piece: [link] thanks to the user who found it for me. That music plays on the curing genophage mission when Shepard emerges from the tunnels to see green on Tuchunka for the first time. It was a powerful moment from the last game that stayed with me.

So in this alternate future, some time after the ending to ME3, the Krogan are gifted cloned Kakliosaurs by the salarians as a gesture of goodwill and a parade is held on Tuchunka to celebrate the curing of the genophage and a move towards more peaceful relations between the salarians/turians and Krogan.
Wrex is holding his kid named after Mordin while the salarian scientist who cloned the kakliosaurs walks alongside. Grunt leads to the left with some members of Aralakh company and Eve is of course in the center because females are now running the show and keeping peace.

For anyone who doesn't remember what kakliosaurs are they were an animal species on Tuchunka that went extinct and there is a side quest on the citadel to give a kakliosaur skull to a salarian scientist for possible cloning/research purposes. There are also paintings of Krogan riding them in the underground tunnels, which is what I referenced when drawing them.
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The baby krogan are what make this perfect