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A Future for the Krogan

Wow the extended cut was just announced hours ago and I'm super excited, posting this piece to mark the occasion.

Link to the Tuchunka music that inspired me to do this piece: [link] thanks to the user who found it for me. That music plays on the curing genophage mission when Shepard emerges from the tunnels to see green on Tuchunka for the first time. It was a powerful moment from the last game that stayed with me.

So in this alternate future, some time after the ending to ME3, the Krogan are gifted cloned Kakliosaurs by the salarians as a gesture of goodwill and a parade is held on Tuchunka to celebrate the curing of the genophage and a move towards more peaceful relations between the salarians/turians and Krogan.
Wrex is holding his kid named after Mordin while the salarian scientist who cloned the kakliosaurs walks alongside. Grunt leads to the left with some members of Aralakh company and Eve is of course in the center because females are now running the show and keeping peace.

For anyone who doesn't remember what kakliosaurs are they were an animal species on Tuchunka that went extinct and there is a side quest on the citadel to give a kakliosaur skull to a salarian scientist for possible cloning/research purposes. There are also paintings of Krogan riding them in the underground tunnels, which is what I referenced when drawing them.
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This is a fantastic picture and I think the best Mass Effect artwork I have ever seen. Good job on making this fantastic image.
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I'm Urdnot Wrex and this is my planet! Wrex la 
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Wow! This is one of my favorites, is so amazing! 
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Look at the baby korgan Love 
fluff-lynn's avatar
Awww tiny krogans!
Love :happybounce: 
xXNuclearFalloutXx's avatar
Those chubby, stumpy little legs on the babies are so adorable!
If the turians and salarians wanted to make it so this never happened, then I wish there had been an option to kill the council and make a new council.
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They may not still be on good terms with the salarians or the turians post-war, but I can defeinitely see them being humanity's best friends. After all, Wrex made sure that the name Shepard would mean 'hero'!
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holy crows that is amazing
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All I can say is, WOW
the giant has returned...
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It has always been my personal feeling that Bakara (Eve) go on to become the Krogan Council Representative after the war. 
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This picture is just so badass.  My favorite part is the little guy near the center.  He (she?) looks like he's leading the march, laughing all the while.  Such a combination of cuteness and badassery is an instant win.
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This is incredible!
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"Forth, and fear no Reapers! Arise! Arise, Sons of Tuchanka! Guns shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A hammer day, a red day! Ere Aralakh rises!"
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"Ride now!  Ride now!  Ride, ride for ruin, and the galaxy's ending! Death!"
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Harbinger: "Well...fuck us."
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Headcanon for me.
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what do you mean 'headcanon'?
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