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         Oh my goodness! I never ever realized that tickle torture was such (yes pun intended) “torture”! Clare was unforgiving and sort of vicious when it came to tickling. “C’mon you brunette boy! Admit it that you are enjoying yourself.” Clare giggled. “NO!” I managed to scream out through my fit. Clare continued with raspberries. “I don’t have all day, just say it!” Clare said once again now slightly annoyed. “NOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOO HAHAHAHA!” I yelled through my laughter. “You love it! You LOVE it!” Clare repeated. “YOU LOVE-“ “OKAY OKAY OKAHAHAHAHAHYYYYY!” I interrupted her whilst in such humility. “That’s a good boy.” Clare said grinning. She tickled me for another twenty minutes before stoping and putting one paw finger near my nose. “Boop!” Clare booped my nose. That made me laugh in a much calmer tone. At long last, Clare finally let me go and gave her a shove. “You naughty little bitch!” I laughed. “And you’re one ticklish little dick.” She backtalked. “You know how to do it though!” I commented. “Yep! I know the human body and animatronics bodies so well I know where their most ticklish spots are.” Clare said. “Oh Evan!” I sang tauntingly. “No! No! NO!” Evan pleaded as we wrestled him onto the tickle torture table. “Yes yes yes!” I teased with an evil grin. “Are you ready blondie boy?” I giggled. “Don’t call me that!” He growled like an animal that was not of this world. “Hahaha fuck you.” I said as I spidered his wrinkly soles. “AhahahahahahAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Evan squealed. “Tickle tickle tickle! Aw, you have such ticklish footsies!” I said like an adult talking to a cat. “To me your soles look delicious! And I MEAN it!” After saying that I spread some ketchup on his soles and licked it off. I agree that was very sick and disgusting for me to do, but it was an absolute nightmare for Evan. “You’re sihihihihihihihihicccckk!” Evan said his laughing. “I know. I’m practically wanting to vomit!” I lied. “Now it’s Helen’s turn!” I said. (Footnote: I forgave Clare and Helen. Clare for her lying to me about where Helen was and Helen for snubbing me after I disrespected her.) Helen eerily walked toward Evan with a rape face that even made Clare and I horrified. “So.” Hely said with a creepy story teller voice. “We meet again in battle.” “Please just spare me and I will never ever again try to do anything sneaky! I swear! I promise!” Evan pleaded with all of his might. “Nuhuuhhh!” Helen said with sassiness and a shake of her finger. “Tickle tickle tic-klllllllle hehehehe!” She teased. “PLEHEHEHEHEHEASSSSEE!” Helen tickled Evan for another ten minutes or so before letting him off the table to which he sort of flipped shit on Helen but kept his cool none-the-less. Anyways, it was a while before Clare, Evan, and I finally got Helen up on the table but that story is for another day my friends!
Helen*s Return Part 7
Oh No! It is the part where the dirty work is!
Vinyl Albums I Bought While In Colorado
Cities we went to AND bought albums from: Colorado Springs, Estes Park, and Fort Collins.
Happy Halloween guys! To give an update on my life, I’m having Mom’s parents over to have dinner and for them to watch tv. Of course I’ll be handing out candy to trick’r’treaters. Anyways, hope all of you guys have a great time tonight! -AndrewNuman-79
  • Listening to: New Order, Fine Time Maxi Single (earlier)
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Air
Hi people of Deviantart! Later tonight my mother is having a friend over so her and my mom are going to stay up late (I mean like 1am!) and watch movies. FUN! Fun!

    Anyways, as the bio of this entry says, I’m currently enjoying my 12 inch maxi single of New Order’s “Fine Time” (yes vinyl). It has five different mixes of “Fine Time”. I would recommend you all to go listen to some New Order and some of their other songs. “Bizarre Love Triangle” is another great song (my mom had it on her phone!). Here are all of the “Fine Time” mixes or “remixes” I guess that this 12 inch has:

1. 7-inch edit

2. Lp mix

3. Silk mix

4. Fine Line

5. Messed Around mix

and the song Don’t Do It (which I believe is “Fine Time” ‘s b-side).

Of course (I understand, this entry is LONG!) I have other songs I want to recommend to you guys and they are:

1. Depeche Mode’s See You, Master And Servant, (and obviously) Just Can’t Get Enough

2. Gary Numan’s Metal, Films, M.E., Observer, Conversation, and My Name Is Ruin

3. (Yaz here in america)Yazoo’s Don’t Go, Only You (covered by Selena Gomez), and Nobody’s Diary

and lastly,
4. Under The Milky Way by The Church

  Anyways, enjoy all the songs I recommended to you guys!


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