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In this image i wanted to study the mundanity of brushing teeth, and relate it to the viewer in the most harshest sense.

Working in a hyper realistic style enables me to distance myself from the person in the image, but heightens the connection to the original photographic source.
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This is amazing!
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youre an amazing artist! this is great! i submitted it to drawers-life group !!
:) :hug:
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came for the toothpaste, and stayed for the fingerprints.
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I love the reality you captured in this painting! How long did it take ?
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This painting look me about 4/5 weeks i guess on and off painting it.
Thank you for your interest :)
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I like the fact that your paintings don't show the person as a beautiful human being, you just put them in a realistic, ordinary scene, and the way you work is just amazing! your paintings just look like photos!
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loved it :) very nice work
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"and relate it to the viewer in the most harshest sense." Most definitely. I was like " real! and gross!" Hahah, I would NOT want to touch that face but you did a great job. The detail is horribly amazing. And u didn't hide flaws. Awesome
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this is insanely realistic I almost thought it was a manipulated photograph! awesome study! awesome color choices. this is MAD!
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amazing painting !
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The textures you paint with are beyond words. Please continue!
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how do you make the skin pores/texture?
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OMG this is an amazing painting man! love it! you are a great painter!
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perfection C:
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You are amazing!!
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hello, i would like to know what tipe of materials do you use :) your work is amazing :)
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WOW! as harsh as it is, the details are wonderful! and it is very realistic! :clap:
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amazing ,wicked painting
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very chuck close. cool
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wow! its stunning
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Im shocked!!! Your Amazing...I know you hear this alot...but you have a gift. WOW!
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thank you so much! i appreciate it
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