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Captain Marvel Sketch

Here's a sketch I did late last night to unwind. Kris Anka reblogged it on tumblr and I thought that was pretty damn awesome :D 
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I so love all your drawings of captain marvel!
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Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) still looks pretty/hot badass woman in her new outfit than her old costume
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beautiful and stunning piece as usual. 
Always bringing your A-Game
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no problemo, you deserve it every time
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Love it! You captured her personality!
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STUNNING! And I love the current comic run. Totally STAR TREK themed series! 9/10 read.
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thanks! for sure, can't wait for the next issue. Only Marvel comic i'm reading right now!
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Then you're missing out on some QUALITY reads. Comics like:
* The Avengers books- The New, All New, and Uncanny.
* the Spider hero books- Amazing Spider-Man, Spidey, 2099, Miles Morales, Web Warriors, Spider-Woman.
* All New Totally Awesome HULK.
* Red Wolf.
* Wierdworld.
* Inhuman books- All New, Uncanny.
* Sam Wilson/Captain America.
* X-Men books- Extraordinary-, Uncanny-, All New-, All New Wolverine, Old Man Logan.
* Ms. Marvel.
* Nova.
* Guardians of the Galaxy + Guardians of Infinity.
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Ah, I've been a long time comic reader and read many of these title and still sample some now but many by the big two just aren't for me any more. 
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OK. Does the singular read on Cpt. MARVEL have to do w/ the STAR TREK relation of story?
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It's a nice touch but the main draw for me is Kris Anka's work. 
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Agreed. The art is real great.
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it's like..!!...BILDÄCK!(a word I use when I can't find words for how awesome something is)
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haha, thank you!
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Love her expression.
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