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Batman: Fury Road

By AndrewKwan


Joker's car is based on his Vaydor G35 from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and the Gigahorse from Mad Max. Batman rides a Frankenstein Batmobile combining The Tumbler, 1989 Burton Batmobile and 60's Adam West Batmobile.

Ride through the gate of Valhalla, shiny and chrome.
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I can see this happening in the Knightmare future :)

SEVANS73's avatar

This is awesome.

Fun and energetic.

Digging the deceased Robin on Jokers car. hahaha

Great. Now I want a Fury Road Style Batman flick.

loudhouseisthebom's avatar

hmm...i cant help but picture batman's next move is to do a judo throw and throwing joker under the tire of the batmobile. then catwoman backing up over him many many times to make sure he stays dead this time.

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this one so cool :clap:
KhalilGhamaryMKG's avatar
WOW *o* where can i find it without the deviantart logo !!
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This piece is Awesome!^^
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This needs to be a comic series!
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This is genius, absolutely amazing!
I'm guessing that's Jason Todd's old Robin costume on Joker and Harley's car? Great touch! 
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
Absolutely awesome. :D Or should I say:

What a picture! What a lovely, lovely picture! ;)
AndrewKwan's avatar
hahaha, thank you!
fjbdfhhdgfuigffgxjhb's avatar
That would be a totally awesome video game
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LOL dat poor Robin xDDD epic style btw
Love mashups like this.
A-Teller's avatar
It would be a perfect crossover! Could very well be adapted to that 'dream sequence' on Batman V Superman. I loved the Robin vest back there.
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i'm a year late to this party but damn, so much greatness on 1 page
AndrewKwan's avatar
Haha, thanks! Better late than never I say!
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This is amazing! Heart 
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