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'The Vampyre Hunter: Excuse Me is that a Stake in Your Pocket.'

Chapter 4

Dr Seward's letter to Estelle Spellows (dated April 9th).

Dear Miss Spellows
I have made it to my destination safely. Though I found it somewhat a turbulent journey on my way here as I fell ill with the rigours of air and sea travel. The gentleman I shared this journey with is a good fellow. He told me that Italians treat this sickness with ice cream. What an amusing notion that such a special desert becomes a medication in these parts of the world? Unfortunately I was too ill to feel that I could eat anything to confirm whether this does actually work!?
I hope you are well in the asylum and that you are finding the new arrangement comfortable. And that my keepers are treating you well as I have requested.

Yours sincerely

Dr. J. Seward

Dr Seward's diary
(Hand Written)

April 9th. Evening.
What a terrible day. Horrific, intolerant and most of all shocking.
Today I spent all day in assisting the Professor in the exorcism of poor Pietra Enna. Such an awful thing to be done to a girl even in death. If this is seeking the truth and healing the sick with science, I wonder whether I was born for this sort of career for I am beginning to loose taste for it. Either that, it is the dregs of the green fairy speaking out of the Professor's insane old mind!?
After my correspondence to Miss Spellows I was ordered in to breakfast. It was just me and the professor dining who heartily disgust with me in what must be done with the innocent victim's corpse that was still laid in the poor girl's bed chamber.
With fresh eyes this morning, we were accompanied by a footman into the grand room of the Don's daughter's boudoir. The room looked different today as last night's woeful darkness seemed to have had a firm hold over the place as though death shrouded it ever so tenaciously. There was a certain vibrance today, but the remains of Pietra Enna was still and lifeless and yet sublime. Still in leather bonds, spread eagled on her back laid out on the silk pearl throws of her bed, she was covered by a white linen sheet over her naked corpse  that the housekeepers had placed. They even brushed her hair that fell in delicate black falls around her shoulders. Her flesh looked much paler. I felt like I was seeing an angel from heaven that was cruelly captured by mortal hands and shackled to earth for all to behold.
The professor set to work immediately. With my ever subservient assistance, he proceeded with the exorcism as though the subject was still alive and in sufferance. He letted blood out of the girl's arm and simultaneously ordered me to transfuse my own blood into her. I was concerned in this procedure as I am convinced that rigour mortis would have set in by this time. During my transfusion, the Professor brought out a device that I could have sworn I have seen else where. It was a case with electrical apparatus built in it that had a silver nine inch cylindrical vessel that was wired to the electrical circuits of the case.
I heard a current from this device when the Professor switched it on and tested the circuits. He then lifted away the linen sheet that protected the girl's chastity and with a tin bottle of oil he took from his medical bag, he then spooned the remains of the oil and rubbed it firmly into his fingers. Lathering oil around the girl's groin, he penetrated two of his digits into her without so much of a care for the people around him whilst proceeding with this ungodly act. I expressed my concern and asked for an explanation of what this was made of as to me it was nothing short than necrophilia.
"Ah you see friend John" says he, "I have developed since we worked together. I have found new techniques to eradicate our beloved world of vampirism. Driving a stake into the subject's heart is too messy for me. For which does not bring back our loved ones who fall to the vampyre's fever. This will!"
A relief came over me after hearing this from the "sober" Professor. I was curious of what would happen from here and was rather excited in thinking that the girl will come back with a full recovery. Yet I was still not completely convinced in the actions that I was party to.
He then took the cylindrical object that was wired to the electrical circuits of the case. Taking more oil he lathered it up with his hand and placed it on a brass bracket in the case. After wiping his hands with a towel he took the cylinder again and then turned a knob clockwise inside the case that caused a high note hum. He then proceeded to penetrate the young girl with the cylinder very slowly. Until it stopped he left it there and turned another knob clockwise. At that the whole body of the girl tensed up as though she was shocked by a continuous current of electricity. The tension in her body remained until the professor turned one of the knobs counter clockwise. Her body then went back to the lifeless posture of a corpse again. The professor extracted the cylinder from the girls groin and on a caprice, he turned the knob clockwise as he pushed the cylinder in her simultaneously. Yet again the girls lifeless body tensed up, only this time her arms and legs seem to shake.
Taking out the cylinder he repeated this process again but increased the pitch of the apparatus that to me multiplied the output of current. When he penetrated the girl this time her head shook and rolled back very hard. As he reduced the current her head seemed to relax but her eyes opened with no pupils. I stood in awe at this…speechless, dry mouthed, afraid. This was exotic medicine of another kind that bested the madness of Leonardo da Vinci himself. Whether or not that this operation will be a success remains to be seen. I have my doubts, but I must give the professor my support as he has not failed us in the past.

April 10th  
The Don has showed his concern to us today about his daughter. As much as he wanted her back, he did not believe that the methods used by the professor would and that her remains should be embalmed for her rightful place in death at the tombs of Cappuccine. He was anxious for her daughter's welfare, even in death. But I could tell that the man was afraid of what killed her. It came to light by one of his men that the Don was a very religious man and he had no faith in the professor's methods at this stage. It would seem that he believed that the devils work is at play and now we may anger something if not god if we did not cease with our treating of the girl's dormant vampirism.
The professor reassured the Don that he would bring her daughter back. Much to my astonishment it has to be noted. The girl is obviously dead and we seem to be doing nothing more than shooting currents of electricity into her remains. Yet the professor is adamant in his operations and their success. I felt helpless. All the time I felt to be his one man audience as though the man was giving a demonstration at the university of science in Amsterdam.

Afternoon. April 11th
After breakfast, the Don asked for us to go to his office. The gentleman was sat very sternly behind his desk and looked more compose than what I have seen of the man's previous troubled state when the girl was going through that hellish ordeal. He was very gracious with me and the professor. He allowed us to sit down and asked how we liked our breakfast. " A very fine spread you treat us with everyday Herr Don." The Professor replied with gratitude. I couldn't agree more. The Don seemed pleased to hear that. But it was a very short lived conversation with friends as the room grew silent. The Don raised from his chair and looked out the Romanesque windows behind him with solemnity in his face. "I would do anything for my daughter, even if it meant me cutting cards with the devil himself." He began. He expressed his concerns with the treatment the Professor continued with on his daughter. I can not deny how much him saying this filled me with a certain relief. More so relieved when the Don insisted that this exorcism stop for the welfare of his daughter's soul. But I knew what was to come. The Professor objected against this. He explained how she may come back in this world as a vampire if we did not follow through with the exorcism. He inconsiderately declared how this would bring back his daughter's life. "Enough" the Don shouted and slammed his fist on his desk. "My daughter is dead. She is not with us anymore for her heart beats none. And in the eyes of my beloved god she will be laid to rest as she is at rest."
"Mad". The Professor cursed and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut. I could not do anything else but apologise for my friend's behaviour. Defending him for his passions in the nature he seeks to eradicate off the face of the earth and from the Don's beloved daughter. I gave my condolences and took my leave. What else could one do in such a situation?

Miss Estelle Spellows' letter
To Doctor John Seward

(April 10th) received April 11th.

Dear doctor.

Thank you for your letter to me, I am happy that you have endeavoured to keep in close contact with me from distant lands. It gives me great comfort and enormous pleasure indeed. I am sorry to hear that your journey was not good for you.
The orderly has been very good to me. He has allowed me to move about the asylum freely. The Matron even leaves my cell door unlocked. I spend most of my time in your office, reading and I have began a diary so I also write. I hope you don't mind in this as I have taken the liberty of helping myself to your paper and ink.
I still take my walks in the gardens. I am delighted that my fellow inmates seem to like me. Young Joseph, the imbecile who walks like the Elephant Man, he is very sweet. He picked dandelions and gave them to me as though he was presenting a bouquet to the queen and called me 'Ma Quinn'. But got too excited with this exchange and ran away giggling, slapping Docile Doris on her bold head who was sat in her chair oblivious to the world who was counting blades of grass. He amuses me, I have great laughter with Joseph's antics. The Loki he is.
The Matron continues with your drawing classes. She is more sterner with her students. She doesn't have your more open minded and easy natured way. Despite this I do still attend her version of art classes as I do like to keep on drawing despite my free access and enthusiasm for your personal library. I must admit to you my dear doctor. I took advantage of a fellow inmate. Inviting Mr Jessop in my cell. You mustn't worry for the man. Despite his middle age he is a blundering innocent. I had him strip for me so I could draw his kingly sceptre. But you mustn't worry,  he did not get caught and I have hid the drawing in your office.
Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me. I hope things are well where you are and I look forward to seeing you back home.

Yours sincerely

Estelle xxx

Letter to Miss Spellows from Dr Seward
(April 11th)

I am filled with deep satisfaction that you are able to find your way freely around the asylum. You mustn't worry in using my ink and paper. Your more than welcome to use as much as you like. It does not have to be for letters. And also you are welcome to use my apparatus. You must have a go with my Phonographic- Auto- Type- Recorder. You will find the instruction booklet in it's little drawer. Very straight forward to use mind me saying so. Unfortunately I only got to use it a couple of times before I embarked on this trip.
I must tell you try not to go too far with your ventures, especially at the expense of other inmates. They have not got the same privilege as you. It would be unfair for them to receive any form of punishment after you. I do apologise if I seem to chastise you in this way. But you must be careful not to upset inmates that I have worked hard to get them above of what they were when they came to me. Especially young Joseph.
I look forward to seeing more of your drawings with great anticipation. You are indeed a fine artist madam. I fancy that they ought to be published one day.


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