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Super Smash Bros: Remixed - Mario Fireball!

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A mix of Bob Hoskins and Chris Pratt

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This is excellent.
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you should make samus (not that she doesn't already fit in lol)

or kirby! oh wait, that would be hard.
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sorry I was trying to type in the bar.
stupid online version
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you should make samus
not that she doesn't already fit in lol
or kirby!
oh wait, that would be hard
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Wow, this is amazing!
nice art work you done there andrewdoma
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That look of a Mario movie reboot, with more closeness to the games, of course.
I like the overall SWAT-team look to him here. Good work.
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Me:Nope so much nope Run run Link RUN! no 
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I can honestly tell you that this is the best mature Mario art I have ever seen. Artist usually make him overly serious or violent, but you managed to hit the sweetspot. You also managed to make overalls look badass, which is nearly impossible. Anyways, great job!
This Mario looks BEAST!!!!
I have not seen this until now, but this Mario looks like a guy who would definitely get into a brawl. Looks like a dude you'd see at a bar who is ready to throw down if you spill his beer. The giant wrench is intimidating too. Very nice!
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Best looking Mario. Not too old, not too fat, and decently attractive.
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I think this what Mario would had been if it was an american game, and it would probably also be more fast paced and more action based than puzzle/platform based. I see something like a mix of a beat them all and a third person shooter.
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Amazing work this is the coolest representation of my all time favourite VG character ever!
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What more can I say that so many others have not? This is a an excellent, beautiful, and very professional piece of artwork. You are extremely talented, and I hope you put it to use because it would be a shame not to. Also, is it just me, but did you perhaps take influence from Chris Pine for the way you depicted Mario? That's actually what first drew my attention to this piece. I've seen a lot of art on DA, but this one of the few I would actually bother spending money on. 
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Thanks so much!! I actually no, did not use Chris Pine as a reference. But dude your words mean a lot!
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this may be the most realistic Mario i ever seen
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Really like how epic you made mario, would love to see you make an epic Luigi one day :D
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haha thanks maybe one day!
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awesome. so realistic mario XD
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