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A simple yet iconic image of the Grim Reaper looking his good old creepy self.

Im really quite happy with the way this turned out. It was done a while ago now but holds up quite well I feel.

What do you think?

People seem to constantly rip this Artwork, it's by far the most ripped artwork in my gallery. Part of the reason I think is that I submitted it as a wallpaper to and from there it's spread right across the web. Fortunately for me, these rippers almost always use the wallpaper version which is a cropped version of the Artwork, immediately marking them out as fakers.

This Artwork was done as a commission for a company called Spiral Direct who own the copyright to this design. They are very protective of their designs and will happily take people to court who bootleg their work. Bootleggers, you have been warned.

For everyone else, enjoy this original version of the Artwork.

PS, so you know, there is actually 2 versions of this design, the one you see here is the second version. The original was printed on T-Shirts, it did very well so it was decided to print it on posters. Before it went to printing, i went back to the Artwork and added additional detail which would be needed for a big poster.
I might post the original version one day.
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Interested in using your art in a product im developing
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Awesome Art!

The Arlyn Pillay Art Gallery is hosting a Halloween themed art show called the Ghoulish Gallery art show in Tustin, California. USA.

here's a link to the flyer for the art show if you are interested…

feel free to call the gallery if you have any questons (714) 884-8700 :-)

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I have a poster version of this in my jamspace ,I like this one better.Im definitely scoring a print.
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Excellent, thank you!
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Hello I have featured your work here… :skull:
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well, the death himself (or itself, the death got no gender!) is not evil, he is just doing his job, right?

i guess this would be his photo ID
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i love this work,so COOL MAN!!!
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are u doing a Heavy Metal cover album? (so sorry if my english not good,huhuhu)
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Thought you might like to know someone is trying to jack your art again. I've seen this image so many times (the cropped version) that I instantly knew an artist was getting ripped off. Then I went looking to find where you might have the originals and lo and behold, you are a fellow devart community member!


I've been a big fan of this art piece for a long time but never knew who made it. Now I do. Great work!

- Lance T. Miller
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thanks, i'll see what i can do.
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OH Man, how good is this artwork, Awesome mate, freakn awesome.
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This image can be found here too
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This is awesome. It's funny that I found another version of this that someone is actually selling on here.
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Let me know the URL of the person selling it an I will get it removed.
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I'm looking for graphics to me recommended to a livestream heavy metal/goth show Basement of Blood. Many band members visit this show as well Can we consider this for a a new wall paper? You would retian full credit and the image is not going to be sold in any way shape or form.
The purpose of this show is to promote heavy metal bands and death metal bands in liverpool England and gain them more worldwide expoure. We work closely with whiplash promotions. The site itself is run free however free band tickets do get given out to winner of the contest. The link to the facebook site is [link]!/pages/The-Hamo-Hash-Basement-of-Blood-Metal-Room/143137179058938
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i like how much detail u put into the pic it is sweet as hell
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Forgive me for faving one of the art-ripoffs base on this one...
Glad I found the way to enlightment
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