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Miss TRON Bonne

I really hope no one thought of this before me... if they did whatever.
What with the Mega Man Legends 3 news and TRON 2 coming up, I figured this was necessary.

Miss Tron enjoying some Servbot data derezzing

There needs to be some Mega Man Battle Network/TRON fanart too I think.
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nice art
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Ill defeat you with the power of my Distructo Disk (laaaaammmmeee)(only abridged fans would get it)
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Her Name Is Mathew Patel, and she is Ramona's First Evil Ex-Boyfriend.
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Not nearly enough love for MML in the world.
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Thus, MML3 was cancelled.
That and capcom sucks.
screw capcom.
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I see what you did there.


This picture is badass, BTW.
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I really think Disney should buy Capcom. Capcom would stop making bad decisions, there'd be more MvC games, Capcom characters could be in Kingdom Hearts, and Disney would thrive off of the giraffe money, so everyone would win!
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This name pun, is actually kickass lmfao. Nice one.
(P.S. there's another one and you can find it in my faves)
HAHA, very funny.

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I don't get it. 8I Nope.

.....No, but really, this is awesome. |d I'm sure you knew that, though. :P
Lol, love the picture with the little server bot in the background. Nice work.
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I Love Tron and TRON! Great work! :XD: :heart:
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Suddenly want this costume in MVC3. Or just her in that costume.
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Epic Costume for Tron
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Actually when I was younger, I knew about Tron Bonne before I knew about Disney's Tron. So when I first heard about the Tron movie, I got it confused with this gal. Then when everything cleared up, I figured somebody was gonna do a crossover with this. Though in reality she'd probably find a way to reprogram Sark and the MCP to help commit piracy.
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It's a real shame Megaman Legends 3 was cancelled... still, there is hope and LEGENDS. NEVER. DIE!!!

I remember seeing this on the 100,000 strong Page on FB. Oh how I love this!
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I knew someone would make this joke eventually for a second I thought it would never happen.
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This is awesome, too : D
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i dont know why I thought of KH2 when I saw this...
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Just coming back to reiterate that this is SO AWESOME.
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hey u seen like a cool guy.....and love ur icon
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I knew this was going to happen eventually. Took them long enough.
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