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March 8, 2014
The Avengers by Andrew-Ross-MacLean shows a clean and nice style. Great interpretation of these Marvel characters!
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The Avengers

My wife knows a few NYPD Officers who run a fundraiser to benefit the families of Police Officers lost in 9/11. They asked if I would donate an Avengers piece.

Here it is.

Also, if you don't follow me on twitter, I've been posting process photos of this as it came together. You can go to my Twitter profile>photos and click through and see it come together little by little. It starts with thumbs and moves through to this final image.

Here's a link to my profile: [link]

Hope you dig! Best, Andrew
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walternonames's avatar
JakFudo's avatar
Reminds me of tradds art style
GratefulReflex's avatar
nice work, it's a fine caricature of the avengers, you've captured it all rather nicely.
elperico13's avatar
This looks too cray, really like the style.
donwhitt's avatar
Great job of foreshadowing. I like art in black or India ink. It makes your viewers think.
srcpcsoha's avatar
Congrats on the DD! Have a good day!
Unaris's avatar
Where the heck is Black Widow? Apparently 50% of the female population is too much of a hassle to properly represent.
poodlemoths's avatar
i don;t think she;s an avenger... nor is hawkeye
Unaris's avatar
Then you don't know much about the Avengers.
2depaus's avatar
I'm inclined to say you don't either. Black Widow? Why not ask for more relevant female Avengers like the Wasp, or the Scarlet Witch, Miss Marvel or even She-Hulk? Granted, there are more male characters than female on the Avengers, but is that Andrew's fault? Is there a mandatory quota to be filled?

It's commendable to look out for gender equality, there's a lot of stuff to correct in comics, I'm with you there, but you could probably check out Andrew's comic work before shooting off the sexist alarm.
Unaris's avatar
Black Widow is quite relevant, and just goes to show how little you know about the source material if you think otherwise.
2depaus's avatar
Is that really your answer to everyone who disagrees with you?
I didn't say the Black Widow wasn't a relevant Marvel character, she has been used as a supporting character in a lot of Marvel titles for decades, especially during the Cold War period (hot and dangerous Soviet Super Spy in a very sexualized black leather outfit is a no brainer move from male comics writers and artists and not much of an empowering figure for female readers, at least for those early decades). From a writing point of view, the Black Widow has been little more than a combination of go-to cameo when it envolves intrigue, covert ops, or the "Russian threat", a popular fan service and a cheap plot device for a lot of stuff that has happened in the MU.
Even her introduction to the Avengers movie world is a contrivance because it's probably the easiest female character to put into a plot without explaining too much (see my description above). 

What I said is she's not the biggest female reference on the Avengers group of characters. It's interesting you jumped at the chance of clammering for Black Widow and forgot the only female original member of the Avengers, Wasp.
Again, I grant you, there's a lot of work to be done in terms of balancing the weight of male and female characters in comics, but I think you jumped the gun on your sexism claim back there.

But I know what you're going to say, I know very little of the source material having only read it for 30 years, what the Hell am I talking about...
poodlemoths's avatar
haha i can;t say i do... i've really only seen the movie a few times and i haven't read any of the comics so i guess this wasn't my area to butt in,sorry
BlazeDriver's avatar
DigbyTheGoat's avatar
Hey this is really cool. Plus no Hawkeye or Black Widow to be seen! Kudos.
LostGryphin's avatar
Congrats on the DD
xSenkai's avatar
I knew who they were XD but my mind relapsed back to my childhood thinking of Dexter

Beautiful work, congratulations on the DD :3
TruthisTruth's avatar
Congratulations on the Daily Deviation! :clap:
rachelillustrates's avatar
Fantastic! Love all the detail work. Congrats on the DD too!
blanket86's avatar
This is so amazing! Great style! I love this composition! Really great!
CherryInTheSun's avatar
wow, veeery nice picture!!! you did really good :) (Smile)
angi-pants's avatar
dude so cool! i love them in ur style! :D
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