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Messenger: The Diary

This is a mockup cover to Messenger issue two i did a few months ago to include with the pitch. I started coloring it but it just takes too long and I had to move on. So here is a black and white version.

Messenger, all characters and logos are property of Andrew MacLean 2009-2010
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Well, this certainly gets my stamp of approval. It's a pretty worthless stamp, but still...
Andrew-Ross-MacLean's avatar
Yo man, your stamp hold a lot of weight in my book. Thanks for the kind words and the fave bro.
klarens's avatar
Hey, B&W looks great enough :)
Andrew-Ross-MacLean's avatar
Ha! thanks so much bud.
NoahW's avatar
Fantastic dude, I love the look and style, very art deco.
The dynamic shadows make it very vivid and powerful.
Andrew-Ross-MacLean's avatar
Thanks so much dude. I'm not so crazy about it so it's real good to know it came out all right. I guess I've just seen it too many times ya know? haha.
NoahW's avatar
Really? this is probably one of my favorites, I particularly like how you represented the muscles clenching on his side, adds a lot to the piece and draws attention very well.

Definitely stick with it dude, I know how easy it is to be dissatisfied with your own stuff.
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Thanks bud. With this one it's just that I did it several months ago, so if I was to do it now i would have done it a little differently. it is what it is though.
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Yeah I know the feeling, kinda why I'm hesitant to start a comic book, because I know I'll want to go back and re do everything later...
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Thanks a bunch dude.
Papposilenos's avatar
awesome duuuuuude!
Andrew-Ross-MacLean's avatar
Thanks man! I really appreciate it!
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