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Grab My Meme

Too many of that there meme, it's losing the meme factor.

Original: [link]

Inspired by: [link]

Edit: Well it seems I've made some sort of paradox which has led this to be featured on MemeBase
I am very surprised at all this attention, but many thanks!
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This one is now my all time favorite XD
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*loled so hard i can't breathe* :XD:
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I'm actually not a fan of the grab meme, and I'm pretty sure there are some out there that find it just as pointless. When I saw this, you pretty much said the obvious: it's lost it's commedy(personally, I didn't see anything funny about the meme when I first saw it used).
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Uhhhh the best! :lol:
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This is probably the most creative paradox I've ever seen, and I've played Portal 2.
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I'm at a loss for words. But then again the picture really says it all. Darn it had to steal my thunder
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I'm really not sure what to think of all the attention this gets the more people fav it, the more hypocritical I become.
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It's bound to happen since you technically did the meme. The way I see it you made a mistake but a good one. In the end I don't expect your planning to do anything more with memes in general. It's best to leave the mainstreamist ideals speak of the it's idiocy itself
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Yeah, when I made this, I remember the front page was literally nothing but this meme. It was rather annoying.
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Indeed it was, I will admit there was only one I thought was ingenius (half life 2) but in the end it was only for a mere chuckle. I find it a shame that the best works of a person are always overlooked if it's not a meme or a mainstream item. But in this world, boobs and explosions sell quite well. Oh a sad time regarding modern society thinking
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I... can't... not to fav... it D: *press the button*
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apparently you don't understand the definition of meme
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Actually I do, most simply put, it's an inside joke that anyone on the internet can share.

Not all of of these jokes are good though, and definitely shouldn't be so numerous on an online art community.
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That's kinda an oxymoron...
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Just had to :+fav: this.
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haha. Meme inside a meme. MEMECEPTION.
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