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September 2, 2011
Watch Your Back by ~Andrew-23

Aside from being an amazing photographer with a wonderful gallery, this picture exudes quite an underlying message that the suggester noticed and wrote. She says, "It is unbelievably dangerous to even take a walk during the day, not to mention to take one during the night. It doesn't count if we are alone or if we have company, it isn't safe, not out there and not even inside our homes, no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that bad things can't happen to us. There are dramatic things happening even as we speak, and there are so many lives destroyed that will never be mended again. Why did we reduce humanity to this? I wonder if people still know the true sense of the notion "humanity" anymore. Why did we allow our world to become such a deserted place? Yes, there are almost 7 billion people on our planet, and, yet, we are loners. Let's think about our actions and realize that only together we can make things work. We aren't enemies, we are one!"
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Dark Alley

Instead of fireworks I chose to take pictures.

OMG a daily deviation! I have been waiting patiently for six years to receive one. I want to thank everyone for the support.

Thank you again!

Boston, MA
This is about a block away from South Station
About 10:30 PM
Image details
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1200x797px 994.16 KB
Shutter Speed
1 second
Focal Length
18 mm
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Date Taken
Jul 4, 2009, 9:15:55 AM
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HeroicType's avatar

This is possibly one of the most beautiful and gritty Boston scenes I have ever seen. LOVE IT

Hey I drew a fanart and I think this picture is perfect for the background.

May I have permission to use it?

Zinock1's avatar

used it here

Magical City
Great picture!
I used it here: Herly Quinn / Margot Robbie Muscle Morph by mutantbird
Hope you don't mind.
UteSmile's avatar
I used it again here:

  Black is Beautiful by UteSmile

Wish you already a nice weekend! Love 
Andrew-23's avatar
Great Picture! I would love to use it as a background for my band. Is that okay? Do you have a higher resolution version, you could send me?

Much appreciated!

Andrew-23's avatar
I think I can send you a higher resolution copy tonight.
shaneizykowski's avatar
Hi Andrew! What an awesome shot! Would it be cool if I used this as reference for a background of a painting I want to do? You can check out my work at shaneizykowski . com
Thanks man! Beautiful work!
Andrew-23's avatar
Sure thing! Be sure to message me when it's done. I love seeing what people do with my work.
shaneizykowski's avatar
I will! Thanks so much!
Hi Andrew!
Beautiful shot! I'd like to use this for the background for an illustration for my Podcast! I'll add a link to the finished illustration once it's done. 
Andrew-23's avatar
Sure thing! It's fun to see what people do with my work.
Thank you! 

I used it as the background in the "cover image" for this episode of our design podcast: "Helvetic"…

the image link is:… (this was an illustration of the title, where an artist becomes good at one particular thing, and ultimately becomes a 'one trick pony')

Hope you like how we used it. :)

Joe C.
Andrew-23's avatar
Looks nice. I wish I had the full sized version so you could crop it without having it be so pixelated but it still looks good.
Andrew-23's avatar
UteSmile's avatar
This one looks simply great, love it a lot and I used it here! Clap Love +fav…
Andrew-23's avatar
Very cool! Glad you like it and it's cool to see people use it.
UteSmile's avatar
I'm very happy that you like it - Thank you again for sharing your amazing Art! Love 
Pilfarn's avatar
This photo is fantastic! I would like to use it in a poster advertising the 2016 One Page Dungeon Contest. I have created the poster, but have not submitted it to the organizer of the contest for use. The poster is in the link.…
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