This is the moment where I'm waiting for my damn death, since I'm not a good person, and you can't fucking fake that. Seems like I've FINALLY snapped for the last time. I don't even care anymore. This whole quarantine it's self and the whole situation is making me feel out of control and it's even growing as possible. There's no fixing me now, since I'm just done. Lost 2 friends that I liked so dearly, still thinking about it.
Loss of my grandfather, still thinking about it.
Feeling like I'm not doing things right and just feeling like I'm the guilty for all of the events, of course still fucking thinking about it.

Go ahead and just do the best to make me feel like a terrible person, I just deserve it, anyways.
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if im honest , i think that you are a nice person and it isint your fault that you lost those people and when corona is gone it will be better and there are so many people that you can become friends with and i can understand that the death of your grandfather is making you really sad but killing/hurting yourself dosent solve it. i just hope that you feel better soon :)
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