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Composition of the universe.  
Outer space is filled with as many stars as points can be foundin a Cartesian plane. Limits don't exist; everything spread to become “something”, but never gets to that “something”. If universe is endless, then galaxies are too, logically, much smaller. Each particle turns indivisible.

And galaxies exist everywhere. We are living in one, which we call "Milky Way". Uncertainty causes the idea of the possible existence of another galaxy hosting life, however, you can be sure that at least there is one.
Description of the dimension.

The Centauri galaxy can be registered when crossing a dimensional portal next to the Milky Way's nearest star; precisely Proxima Centauri. Most of the orbits there have an angle of approximately 60 degrees from the orbits of the Solar System. There are fourteen planets, at the moment, one of them is declared deserted and thirteen inhabited. Their inhabitants call it “Centaur Dimension” and their origins are as remote as ours. There are nine planets that have a similar or smaller diameter to our Earth. All receive the light of our sun, beside that of other smaller five suns that surround the Centauri System. There is only one planet with satellites; it has three moons.

Just as the earthlings, the centaurians has had their ups and downs; their wars and periods of peace. They developed technology in a different way; not taking empiricism as guide, but rather going through a much more philosophical and intuitive path, being able to understand the essence of magic. This path would be considered risky by the population of the Milky Way, since the earthlings, after the disappearance of old civilizations, especially the Celtic and Mayan, lost the legacies and, with them, the capacity to understand and continue studying that discipline.
The weather is too variable, without defined seasons, but the centaurians are prepared for any emergency, due to their mysterious knowledge of magic.

The fauna that inhabits Centauri is vastly varied. One’s able to find the same species which live on Earth, besides many others that are mythological for us. In its fauna and flora, there are metabolic pathways catalysed by enzymes that could be judged heretic on Earth. Even, there are mineral species that fuse with characteristics of vegetables, due to the peculiar growth of crystals from earth’s depths, or as if they were fruits or flowers in some trees. “The kinetics of accumulation of crystal particles has an extraordinary speed in those species of crystalline solid”, an ordinary scientist of the Earth could explain it like that, but he could never end up understanding the true mystic nature of the phenomenon. That's something that only the centaurians know, and we ignore if they will be willing to share the secret with some of the Milky Way beings. But… probably yes.

The centaurians have a monarchic government, installed in the planet of the satellites, Alfa Krystalloz. Originally there were three kings for one Kingdom. Two are conservative, and one prevailed. Those two didn't seek to be absolute as the third, who tried to make a coup, resulting in a tense situation. The conflict between the dominant monarchy and the opposition was generated around Earth year 1958 , 10.012 centaurian. The dominants recruited certain group of young people, dedicated to battle in their defense, but they succumbed facing the power of the terrifying creatures liberated by the enemy. Now, in 1997 year of the Earth, when the opposition force attack again, the dominants decides to bring back the spirits of those warriors and embody them in young earthlings, as counterattack.
The soldiers' format.  
Each correspondent represents one of the constellations that we know as zodiac, to whom the sun goes through for stages during one year. It's a simple uniform, due to the primary stage of training in where they are. Consists of a shirt, a metal belt with an engraved star (symbol of the vast universe), ankle boots, skirt for the female members and pants for the males. It’s a suit designed equally, but there are twelve different colors; corresponding to each sign of the astral wheel. For example, virgo's is light blue, aries' is pink and piscis' orange.

They are also holders of key relics: small heart shaped lockets inside which rest the most advanced Centauri technology. When opening them, we find a tiny screen and four buttons, three long ones and one spherical. The long ones are green, blue and red. The first one is used for the materialization of a weapon; the one which the warrior will fight with. The armament is also determined by the sign. The blue button is used for teleporting from a place to another. Their cells disappear with extraordinary speed while they are projected in the desired place crossing the barrier of time and space. Finally, the red one and the spherical yellow button have the function of communicating the soldiers with one another in case of any necessity.

As this is about an army, their members will climb up ranks. This ascension is denominated “metamorphosis”. It’s determined by the material of which the heart locket is made. The inferior rank is characterized by a bronze locket. Regrettably, none of the soldiers has still obtained the following rank, for that reason there is not registration about the materials that conform the lockets of the other ranks nor, in fact, of how many ranks one can possibly reach in this army.
Pwweease native english speakers correct my spelling mistakes and use of prepositions....

i had to use and globallink powerprotranslator to help myself with this.


help me and i'll love you forever

EDIT: Thank you very much :iconhmnk: for helping with translation :*
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