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Ornitholestes hermanni


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Lost World Spec Challenge

#Spectember is upon us! And so the next Spec Challenge arrives! Last time we explored Skull Island, now we follow the tracks of Prof. Challenger into The Lost World. The lost world, in the book knows as Maple-White Land is a large, isolated plateau, a tepui. It is suited near the three nation triangle of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana and yes, it is home to some remarkable flora and fauna. But hold your horses! Like with Skull island you will not find here the non-avian dinosaurs you seek, Challenger was a bloody adventurer, don't trust everything you read *! However even for tepui standards the Maple-White Land has a lot of strange and archaic creatures that you might mistake for some retro dinosaurs on first sight. In case you aren't familiar with tepuis I put together a bunch of papers and photos that will show you the wonders of the flora fauna and landscape. And I found this book online that you can complete


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Once upon a time a baby Camarasaurus

Sauropodomorpha 1

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Shishugounykus and Fushanosaurus

Sauropodomorpha 02

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Ornitholestes hermanni

Theropoda 1

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Oraristrix brea

Theropoda 2

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Agatha and the moon

Ornithischia 1

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Convolosaurus marri

Ornithischia 2

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Gotta catch, or name, em all

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Pteranodon longiceps


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The Jaws of Death

Marine reptiles

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Titanoboa cerrejonensis skeletal reconstruction.


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Featherweight to multi-ton: The mass of dinosaurs


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Extinct Island Fauna - Melanesia 2


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Laophis crotaloides

Other Repitiles

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Primeval Forest


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Other stuff

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Ichthyosphenodon (Lost World Spec Challenge)

Extreme, but nice, Speculation

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