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Amazing : ) Looks like wallpaper material and reminds me patronous from Harry Potter

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Thanks a lot,im glad you like it! :)

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Great work! I can feel the peace and safety.

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Thanks a lot! :)

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the windows of a gigantic hospital let in the heated rays of the sun who rested on the east of a purple sky with red-orange clouds, I remember going for a disease that almost took my life when in the waiting room a boy invited me from his coffee and we talked a little while we waited for our turns, telling me his anecdote about an abusive man who gave him HIV, he told me about an amazing child who suffered a lot and fled to a safe place, now, 11 years later, I wonder if that man would also have fled to a safe place

your work is beautiful, when I see the moon over the trees whenever I leave my small farmhouse I also feel in a safe place

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Thanks for sharing with me your story,im grateful for it, really! <3

I wish you the best in life! :)

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It seems so friendly, gentle and carefree - at least for me. Great work!

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You are right! :) Thank you! :)

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This is an amazing painting!

Heart bum Love it!

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A huge thanks, im glad you like it! :)

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