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This is so very adorable!

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Love color choices! Well done, Andrej!!🤓😉🌼🌺🌹

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Thanks a lot my friend! :)

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Thanks a lot! :)

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"Well buddy, all I can say is this, if I have to face this challenge, I'm glad I'm going to face it with you by my side." His four-footed companion merely glanced up at him expectantly, more in the hopeful yearning there was a treat coming shortly, but sadly there would be no such tasty little morsel for quite some time. Instead, he got a gentle pat on the head and a rub behind the ears - encouraging, but not quite the same. "So, got anything to say?" The furry friend merely cocked his head to one side, then hopped up on his hind legs to lick his master's face. "Okay, okay, atta boy. No, I guess not. Although, yanno, I sort of hoped with everything that's happened to us, all this myth and magic and whimsy and wonder, I was sort of hoping you got the ability to talk. Like if we traveled to the land of Oz or Narnia or something like that."

"R-R-Ruff," his friend replied.

"Oh my God! You said 'rough'! Yes! Yes, it is rough!" He laughed hysterically then slapped himself for good measure. "Get a hold of yourself man, he didn't say 'rough', good grief. I'm losing my grip on reality." His furry friend nudged his leg and he patted him again. "Thankfully you aren't. Maybe I should put you in charge, just follow your cue. Bet you won't lead me wrong, would you buddy?"

"Of course not," his faithful companion reassured him. "Now come on, I'm hungry and we're not going to find anything to eat in this place just standing around staring at the stars." He trotted off, leaving his master gaping in wide-eyed wonder, his mouth dangling down around his chest. He turned and looked at him. "Well, are you coming? It's a strange new world, we've got a lot of exploring to do!"

Slowly adjusting his jaw back into place, he plodded cautiously along then began running to keep up. "Hey, hey! Are you really talking or am I going nuts? Hey! Or, or could you always talk and just waited until now to mess with me! Come on, man, this ain't funny! Okay, it's a little funny, but - damn, I am so confused right now."

"No wonder he can't keep a girlfriend," his furry friend muttered under his breath.

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Such a lovely story,thank you! :)❤️

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