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hobbit or there and back again

Illustration for the book JRRTolkien "hobbit or there and back again" . Speedpaint 2 hours.
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Um, I'm new on here. But do you know of anyone who would make a portrait sized picture for me. For free, at least for the first picture until I can pay for it. I have job interviews coming up so I can pay for it soon.

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Gosh, I am amazed by the artistic ability some people possess! You did this in 2 hours???? BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE IT.
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The colors are just perfect, you have talent!
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Oh, Gosh this is gorgeous
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This masterpiece is the perfect amalgamtion of realistic and artistic!
Wonderful work!
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This is beautiful
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The sparkles in the sunbeams are exquisite.
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This is a masterpiece! 
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It's beautiful and awe-inspiring especially in this art style. :) I love Tolkien's books and the movie adaptations, I actually shed manly tears when I first saw the movies because I knew that when the movies ended, the journey was over. Living in Middle Earth would be a dream come true. :D
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It is so beautiful, as if a pattern on glass!
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This needs to be offered as a print, I'd buy it in a minute!
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If only I could "speed paint" this well... Sheesh

PS-Big Tolkien fan: thank you for this.
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This is absolutely stunning! I definitely can't make something even half as good in two hours. 
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Woah...what a beautiful piece!
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Beautiful colors!
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I'm thoroughly amazed by this. Wow.
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the colors look so fresh and beautiful = v =
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In love with this fan art!!Love 
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this is wonderful <3
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Beautiful. Just beautiful.
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