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Sclavenian warriors

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 I really love the expressions in this piece (from left to right):

 (1) "Hmmm, there are fifty enemies and I've only got the twenty arrows & my two chums to throw at them - this may require a rethink."

 (2) "Glory? Glory! VALHALLA!"

 (3) "It's a living."
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very nice...kind of comedic. I really like it.
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Занятные вояки. надо думать,амбал и насупленная лучница после похода поженятся.
Luminaara's avatar
ahhh it's like as if it was a screenshot from a Disney movie! :heart:
Wickedwitch19's avatar
yeah, it kinda does look like Disney-Dreamworks-Pixar
artificus's avatar
Wow, the amount of details is amazing! :wow: The forest looks almost photorealistic.
The expressions of the characters are great, I especially like the look of "squirrle-girl" ;)
Nymla's avatar
So great! xD
Waldemar-Kazak's avatar
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Love the characters. very expressive.
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Marvelous piece of work! More like this!
LafnLion's avatar
Wonderful image, very Pixar.

That is a compliment.
Spirit-Knight's avatar
Really nice lighting and character design.   Love the swordsman, such a cool look...  ;)
rshl's avatar
I like this a lot, and the lighting looks great! It really catches my eye.
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Did you paint every leaf and tree?
Into-it-all's avatar
"Wait, which mouse are we looking for?"
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The style kinda reminds of Httyd :3 Love it!
RomanBashkatov's avatar
Круто! Классные эмоции у персов!
Здоровый напоминает качка блогера с ютуба
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Don't know why, but this pic totally cracked me up. It kinda reminds me of Asterix and Obelix, but i didn't found the show funny!
VanessaFardoe's avatar
I love the character you put into them. Details like tying down the muscled mans helmet and the rodent on the female archer really pushes that. Nice lighting too!
Elchanan's avatar
Beautiful work!
hpmarocsvp's avatar
I love their looks! Amazing! And their personalities! :clap:
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