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Huge battle

I've done it for the "grepolis" from "InnoGames".
Copyright InnoGames GmbH.
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WOW, this is EPIC! Spectacular painting👍
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Pegasus and Minotaur against each others... I think that are those the soldiers of Crete and Athens fighting each others.
Corinth (pegasus) and Crete(minotaur), if I'm not mistaken.
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It even has a pegasus. WOW.
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hmm... a battle scene with no blood?
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Reminds me of Age of Mythology. :)
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Hello, I've given this piece a feature over here -> [link]
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More like Corinthians against Cretans. The former's coins often depicted the Pegasus as Zeus' favourite steed, carrier of his thunderbolts and assistants. The later's ancient minoan palaces were littered with bovine depictions as frescoes and horn-shaped ornament.

By the time the Romans first encountered greek opponents on the battlefield, it was in Magna Graecia, the south of Italy, littered with old greek colonies, during the Pyrrhic War (280–275 BC) against Pyrrhus of Epirus. They had already, since the end of the 4th century BC, abandoned the greek phalanx warfare in favor of the Acies Triplex (Triple Line), three staggered lines of Hastati (young and lower class medium javelin-scutum shield-armed swordmen), Principes (heavier, richer veteran javelin-and scutum shield-armed swordmen) and Triarii (heavy elite scutum-armed spearmen), supported by light-infantry called Velites, and horsemen Equites.

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great mythology battlefield
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Nice work, Brother!!!
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Soooooo Epic !!!
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You've made a legend become reality.
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Изумительно, брат!
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This is absolutely amazing
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Totally a version of Red Team vs Blue Team
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