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'Hobbit' illustration 03

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Another one illustration for the book JRRTolkien "hobbit or there and back again"
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Amazing! Just amazing how you make this realistic and wonderful!
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ahh!! the hobbit ,great illustration
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Extremely evocative. It might be even better than your Hobbit illustration #4, which first led me to your work, thanks to the recent Tolkien feature. Makes for a convincing depiction of the harshness of the journey to Erebor : cold, mud, vile weather, no Evangeline Lilly to cheer things up. The real thing.
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The amazing part about this piece is not how stunning it is to look at, but how well every bit is done.  Being a horse person I truly appreciate how well the horse is done.  Then the water and its interaction with the first horse is incredible.  In addition to that the people are impeccable!
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Wow :) how did you do that?
You got a awesome pencil talent
Faved !
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I think I'm in love with your work! this is stunning!
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Hi Pervandr.; just wanted to let you know that your art was selected in the top ten hobbit fan arts on -- [link]
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Awwwww! Love it.
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*wants more* ^.^

poor dwarfs, hope their hoods are waterproof...

it's awesome how looking at the picture makes one feel the rainy, wet, cold, overall nasty weather, I can almost hear the river...
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Very effective atmosphere, congratulations!
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ooo i love the rain in this drawing...
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great work) awesome
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It is so wet, and cold and realistic. :D Well done! Love the realness of it. =)
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very well done...excellent detail...I can feel the wesather and the water rush by...
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Love lovelove lovelove! This is brilliant the way you painted this! I can't even contain my self, I love this story so much!
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:devil: oh this is excellent, it feels very much alive to me :) :devil:
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Excellent job!!
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О, именно такое ощущение от тех страниц, когда Бильбо особенно страдал от долгого пути непонятно-куда при мерзкой погоде)))
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