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You are an amazing artist, i just wanted to let you know that i have shared your art on my Tumblr:….
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Very very very cool- the detailing and the attention to form and light and shadow is phenomenal.
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its a lil too dark to really gain an appreciation of. 
construction looks solid and idea.
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This should be the design for the Batman reboot, love it.
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why?  You want a totally armored Batman?  That is not in line with who he is.  I even thought the Nolan designs were a bit much for a guy who is supposed to be all about stealth and cunning.

"the goal isn't to be bulletproof, the goal is NOT TO GET SHOT."
RoYtHeBaTfAn's avatar
Agreed although when you're fighting alongside superhuman aliens and invincible gods, a little more protection would be nice. 
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that's why Batman doesn't work in the meta/super world.  I mean, he only really 'kinda' works in the "real" world.
RoYtHeBaTfAn's avatar
I think he works fine in a meta world, he's been working fine in the DCU for many years.
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and doesn't wear an armored suit.
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He does when he needs to, recently he used a armored suit in Batman, Batman and Robin, had an army of Robobatsin Batman Inc., he's also not wearing Kevlar anymore in the New 52, and in comics he's almost superhuman, you cann't show he's 'peak human' excuse in movies, so a little more armored version of the batsuit will be nice when he's dealing with the Superhuman problems.
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Kevlar is not armor plating, it's a flexible fabric.  I don't know what you're talking about with a robot army as I'm not a fanboy.  What I do know is that you can't wear a suit of armor and function normally.  You can't be stealthy, you can't be comfortable and you would certainly have a hard time 'flying' with it on, no matter how 'advanced' it is.  Trust me, I wore my body armor while I was in the military and it was heavy, hot and incumbering.  But I was a soldier, not a high-kicking detective.
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назвать офигенным даже как-то прибеднить работу
охрененно просто)
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Интересная интерпретация
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Андрей.... вы, право, мастер..
Almost a wonder why he isn't Iron Man with that sort of design. Still over cool and something a little fresh compared to the generic tights and the cape and cowl.
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I love your rendition of The Batman, would love to see more!!
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Brilliant work!
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too damn awesome!
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Amzing, love the character design and the action of course.
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Holy shiny armor Batman!
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that looks so awesome
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looks amazing! i really like the detail and the coloring! Beautiful rendering too! FAVING too. oh as for Constructive criticism i agree with :iconsurthur: but other than that ; it looks GREAT!!!
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