State Zero

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By AndreeWallin
Hey folks!

My short film is finally online! It all started as a fun little idea in late 2013, and well... here we are :)

Hope you like it!

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HEY! well? i watched it just now, it was in my bookmarks for ages. well!? i want MORE!!!!! it was extremely well made and i like the story!
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I would also love to see a behind the scenes of this.
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came across this by chance on youtube.  very well done.  I imagine this was not done cheap.
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you are just the best!
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Watched it and loved it. Thank you. I forgot part way through it was a short film and was disappointed to find it end. Well done !
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Excellent work!
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Thank you for not making them mindless zombies...I actually want to see how this goes! :)
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Dude! that was awsome, i really want to know how in the world you filmed this.
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That was really good, very high quality, nicely done! :clap:
This is Fucking Awesome !!
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I finally got a chance to see this, you did a really goddamned good job with this. Looks better than a lot of movies these days!
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Epic Short film 
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awesome!  I would love to see it made into a feature film.  You are not only a talented artist, but a talented director as well.
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Pretty dope, nice visuals, awesome blends between real-shot and CG.
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That was badass! :D
This was fantastic!
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You have a great imagination, especially when it comes to technology and imagery, and the camera work was clean, especially in those high-tension situations. There are, however, hundreds of sci-fi concepts out there that are equally impressive as this one. 

The recurring theme when it comes down to the question of what sets apart a pretty good sci-fi story from a great sci-fi feature seems to boil down to how fleshed out and archetypal the characters are. You can have all the cool imagery and social commentary you want, but what seems to set apart projects such as Star Wars, Firefly, Gears of War, Real Steel, District 9, Battlestar, etc. from the rest are their characters. The characters you focus on are what tend to give your world it's identity, far beyond the cool looking effects and storylines. Just some food for thought.

I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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 Amazing short ! Well shot and CGI  is awesome ... as said in the post, this looks like an excerpt from a big budget blockbuster.
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Yes sir, may I have another... this was a fantastic short. 
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and its fucking cool :)
Fellow Swede across the water you did a good job. 
Now where are those vfx breakdowns?! ;)
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